Stewart Filmscreen has introduced a new Balón Edge projection screen, the latest addition to the Balón series, and which combines an ultra-thin frame with a minimalistic black border finish.

“The new Balón Edge is the perfect wall-mount screen for those who want a thinly framed projection screen,” said Mary Stewart, CEO and owner of Stewart Filmscreen. “Each Balón Edge projection screen is handmade to match your specific viewing needs and made to order for your particular venue. You know you are getting the best when you choose Stewart Filmscreen, and you’ll know this as soon as you open the box. No other company builds to the exacting quality of Stewart, and no other screen company has the breadth of screen fabrics that we do.”

The Balón Edge screen is designed for both residential and pro AV setups and, similar to the company’s original Balón Borderless models, the new screen can be custom-fabricated in any size (up to a 16ft width) and in any specified aspect ratio. The screen includes a 0.4-inch border that either can be wrapped in a velux light-deadening material optimized for overscan light absorption, or retained as a bare-metal minimal painted frame. Both the Balón Borderless and Balón Edge have a one-inch frame depth, allowing them to be mounted snug to a wall.

The Balón series projection screens feature a high-end fit and finish and are offered with the same “unlimited” fabric options. The company says that all of its 16,000+ flexible front projection screen fabrics are available for Balón Edge, along with MicroPerf X2 THX Ultra and CinemaPerf screen perforation options for sound transparency. LED lighting is also available to order.

The base price for Balón Edge is $2,913, and shipped screens are rolled up in a box and packaged with EZ Mount mounting brackets, hardware and instructions for assembly. Stewart Filmscreen says the Balón Edge is easy to assemble like screens in its other lines. More information is available here.

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Martin Dew