Seymour-Screen Excellence has a new acoustically transparent motorized masking system called Adjustable Ratio Theater (ART) which represents, at its largest dimesions, 20-feet tall by 30-feet wide, with 350-inches of viewable image width, and 120-inches of masking when closed down to 4:3. The system is available with either 2- or 4-way masking and is built on-wall rather than by lifting and hanging. ART will be demonstrated during CEDIA Expo at the company’s booth, and has been nominated for a Best New Product Award for 2019.

SSE says it has previously released a True Aspect Masking (TAM) system and combined it with the company’s own Enlightor Neo woven and acoustically transparent screen surfaces for private screening rooms, already customized for many celebrities and entertainment execs. Both TAM and the EN materials are incorporated into ART.

SSE Managing Director Chris Seymour

The ART system components do not have to be shipped in wooden crates like those of the larger TAM systems. Furthermore, some film screens – whether received onsite pre-assembled or not – can present challenges when negotiating corners or floors to reach the cinema room. SSE claims that ART solves these issues.

ART uses an 8.8-inch frame that is built in sections on the wall. It is finished off with a removable 8.9-inch velvet fascia that delivers a “luxurious” look, while also framing the image. ART’s motorized masking setups use sheer black acoustically transparent panels and silent motors, and carbon fiber bars shore up the strength of the frame.

“Today’s home theater is greatly benefiting from advancements such as IMAX and immersive audio hardware and media, with sales of high-impact and opulent theaters on the rise. Seymour-Screen Excellence’s Adjustable Ratio Theater system makes it possible for the installer to more easily and perhaps for the first time deliver a commercial cinema-like experience in their customer’s home. ART is the most capable masking assembly in the industry for such discerning viewers, freeing the viewer from undersized images, no matter what the director intended,” says Chris Seymour.

ART is available now as 2-way masking system (side masking panels for constant height, or top/bottom panels for constant width) or as a 4-way independent system, with image widths accommodated from 160 to 350 inches. They’re not cheap, with MSRPs spanning $26k to $142k. Motor controls, accessories and installation billed on top! For more information, you can call Seymour-Screen Excellence direct at 515.268.3369.

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