Scream Factory to release Strait-Jacket and The Tingler on August 21st

Who knows what else they have gotten from Sony but this is exciting news ! 3 Stars

Who knows what else they have gotten from Sony but this is exciting news !

Happy times !

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  1. From Facebook:


    We couldn’t let a Friday the 13th holiday go by and say or do nothing right? Today we’re happy to reveal that we are releasing two of William Castle’s more prominent cult classics this Summer! THE TINGLER (1959) with Vincent Price and STRAIT-JACKET (1964) with Joan Crawford will both shock and chop on Blu-ray for the first time on August 21st. Extras will be announced on a later date.

    If you order directly through us on our site we’ll ship it out two weeks early!

    Pre-order THE TINGLER @

    Pre-order STRAIT-JACKET @

    Here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend! We’ll have more to announce in the beginning of May. And we’ll leave you on this teaser note…we have A LOT coming this Fall through the end of the year that we think you will really be excited for!

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  2. Lee Majors had a small part in "Strait – Jacket". Stay to the very end of the movie to see a Columbia Lady gag. Columbia seem to be willing to have fun with its lady. See "Cat Ballou " and "The Mouse That Roared" for other examples.

  3. When I visited the home of the late Forrest J. Ackerman, (aka "Uncle Forry"), who fan's know is where his massive collection of horror and sci-fi memorabilia were displayed. Among them was the actual “Tingler” that was used in the film. When Mr. Ackerman saw the delighted look on my face, he promptly picked it up and put it on my shoulder, and replied; “You remember this little guy, don't you?”

    So anytime the topic of the film came up, I always would reply; “Oh, the Tingler, I met him, he’s retired now and living in Los Feliz, California. RIP. Uncle Forry!

  4. My older brother was supposed to take me the the Disney movie "The Sword and The Stone" . Joan Crawford was appearing, in person, across the street with Strait-Jacket. He took me there instead. I was about 6. After that film I was afraid to enter a dark room by myself. Took a little while to get over that.

  5. What a great story, Gary! My brother and I were on our way to see Gigi and the theater next door was showing a revival of Tarantula! and while I lived and breathed musicals, I couldn't resist Tarantula! We sat through the whole program (movie, shorts, serial) twice!

  6. I got to see The Tingler in theaters a few years ago, and the theater even had the old seat buzzers installed for the showing. It was a ton of fun. Not sure if watching it at home will be the same, but I might take a peek at that one anyway.

  7. warnerbro

    How come Amazon doesn't have these?

    It usually takes a week or two (or even a little more) for Scream Factory titles pop up on Amazon after they're announced. Also, they'll probably start off at the MSRP on Amazon but at some point before the release, they'll drop down to anywhere between $20 and $23.

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