The operating system on Samsung smart devices, Tizen, runs products like TVs, smartwatches and the Galaxy Z lineup.  Samsung is (was) seeking to expand the Tizen offerings to more products and more markets.  However, all may not be well the Tizen, though.  As security researcher Amihai Neiderman of Equus Software mentioned to Motherboard, the Tizen OS has as many as 40 zero-day vulnerabilities still active and posing a threat to the TVs, watches and phones.   These vulnerabilities allow someone to remove hack “millions” of newer devices.  As of now, Samsung has not fixed these vulnerabilities.

As Motherboard quotes the researcher,

“Everything you can do wrong there, they do it. You can see that nobody with any understanding of security looked at this code or wrote it. It’s like taking an undergraduate and letting him program your software.”

When contacted, Samsung sent the researcher an automated email in response.

Samsung’s current smartphone lineup is heavily dependent on Android, so these news shouldn’t necessarily impact your opinion of their Android smartphones in particular. But Samsung’s other avenues that involve Tizen are likely to invite hackers to explore and find more of such zero-day vulnerabilities. There needs to be a higher priority on Tizen’s security if Samsung ever wants Tizen to bean OS for the internet of things.

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First I would like to thank you for alerting us to this major problem with Samsung Smart ?!? TV'S. I have an ongoing problem with their 2yr. extended WARRANTY on my 2500.00 4k tv,when I added their UPGRADE box it no longer showed when a 4k -2160 signal was received. I reset it back to factory setting, that's all their TECH team did with Zero results. They refused to send a repair man or gal to help me. 55inch tv! The 400.00 box did upgrade to TIZEN security !!!