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Saludos Amigos & Three Caballeros release on Blu Ray through DisneyMovie Club

Has anyone ordered or received this set yet? I’m wondering if Salidos Amigos is the untampered version. Bill O.

Kevin Collins

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  • Brian Kidd

    You want to see terrifying "HD" versions of classic Disney animation? Check out the collections of shorts that are on Netflix right now. They look like upscales, for the most part, and have had so much DNR done to them that they look like early DVD animated discs where outlines have been erased all over the place. It's such a shame, because those classic shorts were beautifully drawn.

    Ironically, the majority of Walt Disney Treasures releases didn't look that bad, even the even-numbered Donald Duck volumes that used older masters. I still go back to that any time I want to watch Mickey's Christmas Carol. It still looks better than that smear-storation on Blu-ray, and it still has that wonderful making-of documentary that shows what Disney was like the last full year Walt's family was in charge.

    Does this actually look good to them, or is this just to tide us over until real restorations of the Walt-era shorts come out?

  • ponset

    Looking forward to both movies. Donald Duck is my All-Time Favorite Disney Character.
    The Great Writer/Artist Don Rosa did a sequel to the Three Caballeros called "The Three Caballeros
    Ride Again".

    definitely have to let my Daughter know about this...... hum....... fathers day

  • I love the Disney Movie Club... I didn't love getting cheesy, crappy films like McFarland that I didn't order. I wish I was still a member so I could get Saludos Amigos.

  • For anyone interested, unfortunately there is an audio error in The Three Caballeros Bluray as I hear.
    I have the HD digital file and they say it's the same in the bluray. I assume this was created from the conversion of the original audio to 5.1.

    The music and words are stuck in a spot near the end, where the choral line should be, "we're always together, so let come what may..."
    Here's how it is in the errored version with the words and music stuck on "leeeeeeeeet"! (at 1.05'')

    And here' s how it should be, with the music advancing and ending the phrase at "maaaaaaaaay" (at 1.11''):

  • noel aguirre

    I have the CAV laserdisc box set- do I need this?

    I'd still hold onto it if you appreciated all of the great extras on the set. The new Blu-ray has no extras. I'll be keeping my laserdisc set if only for the 16mm documentary on the Disney team's trip to South America by plane.

  • greg.shoemaker

    I'd still hold onto it if you appreciated all of the great extras on the set. The new Blu-ray has no extras. I'll be keeping my laserdisc set if only for the 16mm documentary on the Disney team's trip to South America by plane.

    Lots of the 16mm color footage from that trip is in the 2008 documentary "Walt and El Grupo." The DVD is still in print and listed on Amazon.

  • I've been wanting these in my collection for a long time, but was holding off for a BD release. However, I don't want to join the movie club, so I bought one from a third party seller. Looking forward to seeing these. I have most of the Walt Disney Treasures tins, so I've seen El Gaucho Goofy and clips from other segments. Even with the scrubbed transfers, I'm glad these were made available at all. I wonder if the "restored" opening was only allowed on disc because of the limited way in which the discs are being sold.

  • A couple weeks earlier than expected, but it appears DMC has moved Saludos to enrollment eligible -- for those people who were holding out on an enrollment until this item was available for the first 5-7 item package.

  • I watched Saludos Amigos on Blu-ray this afternoon. Despite the digital wiping, I am glad to have it and its companion movie (which I've saved for tomorrow) on Blu-ray. "Pedro" isn't one of my favorite featurettes, but the other segments are all so much fun.

  • I finished the Blu-ray disc this afternoon with The Three Caballeros. I guess I hadn't watched this one in a long, long time, but I found the last quarter hour fairly tedious even with all of the imaginative melding of live action and animation. They seem to have run out of story and just had Donald goggle-eyed over every beautiful Latina he laid his peepers on. Certainly some interesting animated effects and brilliant color, but despite the creative surreal aspects to the movie, I actually found myself preferring Saludos Amigos.

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