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As the proud new owner of a 4K projector, I found myself afflicted with a unique challenge. How to get a 4K 60Hz signal over 45 feet from my AV processor to my projector. Conventional copper cables from Monoprice and Blue Jeans Cable had already failed to work at this high bitrate, so I sought a new solution.

RUIPRO was a relatively unknown player on Amazon, a Chinese manufacturer of optical HDMI cables far cheaper than the likes of Celerity, but offering the same specifications.

When I reached John at RUIPRO, he offered to send a review sample. A week or so later, a 50ft unit arrived, ready to evaluate in my system.

Before running anything in the wall, I left the cable running openly in the room and tested it between my processor and projector. The immediate results were fantastic, with a crystal clear picture and near instant handshake.

The projector detected my PC’s 4:4:4 input without any issues. and displayed a crystal clear image. Satisfied with my initial testing, I fished the cable in the wall and began to use it with UHD content from my oppo UDP-205 player.

One nice benefit of the RUIPRO cable is a relatively thin jacket, only the size of a typical USB cable, versus your more typical HDMI cable in terms of thickness.

With the cable fished and in place, I tested it with a PC feeding 4:4:4 chroma subsampled UHD content, as well as my Oppo UDP-205.

The results were, in a word, perfect. Unlike all my previous issues with HDMI cables, the RUIPRO supported every resolution and bit depth that my projector supported. Picture quality was flawless, and handshakes were near instant, versus the intermittent 1-3 second delays I had experienced with other cables.

While the price of $180 was significantly higher than that of a copper alternative, the optical cable’s performance was surely at least an order of magnitude superior to that of the copper competitors.

I have already decided that this will be my new primary cable, and it is already settling into its new home as the primary cable between my processor and projector. Highly Recommended.

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Martin Dew

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Nov 1, 2017
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Martin Dew
Great review, Dave. I've been looking for a long cable solution. I have a voltage drop across my 35ft Monoprice Redmere high speed cable which means I have to forego seeing my BD player menu. I'm having to locate player close to displays via 3ft cables until I have this sorted out.