Hollywood mavericks Rivit TV have announced the upcoming March 24th launch of a new platform which will allow audiences to “Choose the TV That Gets Made.” The streaming platform will release a bundle of three free pilots of original drama/telenovela television series (each 20 episodes) for worldwide audiences.

In this new form of streaming, the audience decides what shows will make it to a series and even determine how much an episode and/or season will cost. It will not act as a subscription service, but rather audiences will only pay for the original shows they want to see, commercial free. The idea is that consumers pledge by selecting a price between $0.99-$2.99 per episode for the season. The more people who pledge, the lower the cost, while everyone always pays the same lowest price at or below their pledge. When the seasons reach target in the 50-day funding window, fans will get their show and receive the other two shows in the bundle for free (ie. pledge one, get two for free).

Rivit TV will offer three original series in its initial TV bundle, including drama Coyote Hills, melodrama Fabric of Lies, and Spanish language drama La Leona. The pilots will stream free in their entirety on the Rivit TV website. To learn more about Rivit TV visit the website here.

Each of the three shows is detailed below, direct from Rivit TV:

Coyote Hills features an ensemble cast of young stars including Ariel Awards Nominee for “Best New Actress”, Vico Escorcia, (“Eddie Reynolds y Los Ángeles de Acero”) as student reporter Tessa Bravo, who returns to the small town of Coyote Hills and encounters more than just high school drama. When local Sheriff Kowalski (April Martucci, “L.A.’s Finest”) begins to investigate the disappearance of a couple, she quickly realizes the similarity to a mystery that rocked the town 13 years ago… the disappearance of Tessa’s parents. Tessa vows to solve the mystery, all while dealing with her mean-girl cheerleader cousin Regina (Valentina Grethel, “Pop Music High”), popular jock Mateo (Polo Morin, “La Reina Soy Yo”), and school outcast Lucas (Johnny Lee, “Saved by the Bell”). Created by Sebastian Sariñana (“Amor y Fe”) who also serves as director, writer, and executive producer for the pilot episode.

In La Leona, Paulina Fernandez (Laura Palma, “Luis Miguel”) endures a decade of hard time in a maximum-security prison after being wrongfully convicted of murdering the brother of powerful politician Esteban Gamez (Alberto Agnesi, “Lady of Steel”). With vengeance on her mind, she learns the legal system to secure her early release from prison, reinvents herself as Leona to exact revenge on those that wronged her, and seeks to reunite with her young daughter. Fernando Sariñana serves as director. Created by Carolina Rivera (“Jane the Virgin,” “Riverdale”), Flavia Atencio, Jose Luis Gutierrez (“Luis Miguel”), and Fernando Sariñana.

In the melodramatic novela Fabric of Lies, aspiring clothing designer Sandra Ruiz (Emilia Garcia, “Year of the Nail”), is devastated when her model sister mysteriously dies on a yacht, at a party thrown by famous designer Loretta Williams (Sarah Nichols, “Michael Clayton”) and her husband Diego (Arap Bethke, “Club de Cuervos,” “La Piloto”). Determined to understand the circumstances surrounding her sister’s death, she infiltrates the world of high fashion, where she encounters romance, deceit, and dangerous secrets. Sandra quickly learns fashion can be more dangerous than glamorous. Created by Carolina Rivera (“Jane the Virgin”). Fernando Sariñana helms and serves as co-writer along with Flavia Atencio, Jose Luis Gutierrez (“Luis Miguel”).

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