Sony will be attempting to put OLED televisions on shelves worldwide by summer.  In March of 2015, Sony’s TV business actually had a profit for the first time in 11 years.  This was mostly due to high 4K sales, which already account for 30% of all new TV sales in Japan, and the price is falling.  Sony wants to bring a new premium product to the market which they expect to boost TV sales overall.

Although prices have not been set yet, we are expecting the 65” flagship model be right around $8,500USD.  Sony sees a spot in the market for its new costly new offerings for video game enthusiasts, hoping for sizable synergies with PlayStation hardware.

Sony pioneered the TV market in the 60’s, selling 5 million units by the end of 1968.   This new venture could help fuel the fire of OLED TV technology.  Currently, OLED TVs account for about 1% of global television sales in value terms, and LG controls most of that share.  However, LG is not going to be too heartbroken about Sony trying to take their market share, seeing as LG will be making the screens.  LG Displays has signed a deal with Sony to produce OLED TVs in Q3 of this year.

Sony will aim to ship about 100,000 sets, as compared to the 110,000-140,000 shipped by LG.  It is not yet known if Sony will replace its LCD TVs, we will have a better understanding after Q1 2018, once Sony has tested the market, and Toshiba joins it (perhaps).

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Oct 13, 2014
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Looking forward to see what they can do with an LG panel and their software engineering.


Aug 20, 2000
I think it is funny that SONY thinks a consumer segment that thought 600 dollars was too much for a gaming console will suddenly be willing to spend 8500 on a monitor to play video games.