PSB Speakers has introduced two new affordable subwoofers, the Alpha S10 ($549 and pictured above) and the Alpha S8 ($449), on the back of the launch of four other Alpha models earlier this year. Both new compact form-factor subs will be available from October.

Designed for both home theater and music applications, the Alpha S10 and Alpha S8 feature long-throw drivers and efficient, bass-extending reflex enclosures, and include DSP to improve performance with the “flattest” frequency response and bass extension. Built-in digital amplifiers are claimed to deliver 210W of power. Both units have bass reflex designs with rear ports, and the S10 encloses a 10” woofer with a polypropylene cone and rubber surround, while the Alpha S8 sports an 8” woofer. With the exception of the woofer sizes, PSB says both subs have similar specs and use the same 150W digital amplifier and variable 50-150Hz crossovers.


PSB S8 Rear Panel

Rear panels of the S10 and S8 have volume, crossover, phase, low level input, and auto on/standby controls, as well as gold-plated RCAs, and a USB power jack for the RT100 wireless accessory. Rubber bumpers and spikes allow for placing on hardwood or carpeted floors.

“Alpha products enjoy a long and successful history for PSB and have developed a reputation for outsized performance at their given price points.” commented Paul Barton, founder and still Chief Engineer of PSB Speakers. “Earlier this year, we launched a new range of four Alpha models which were the first ones in nearly twenty years. The new Alphas have been enthusiastically received with requests for subs to complement them. Thought they do that quite well, the S10 and S8 are equally well suited for use with any quality speaker for music or movies.”

More details of both subs can be found on PSB’s website.


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Martin Dew