Pro Audio Technology launches three-in-one home theater installation speaker

Pro Audio Technology has announced the arrival of the SR-28212ai loudspeaker with three-in-one functionality for home theater installations. The company says the 6-inch deep speaker is the “most acoustically ambitious and flexible loudspeaker ever created”.

“By leveraging the bass-management capability of our ALC model amplified loudspeaker controllers, a single SR-28212ai loudspeaker system can serve as a full-range surround loudspeaker, an auxiliary LFE system subwoofer and a surround speaker bass-management subwoofer, simultaneously”, said Paul Hales, President and Product Designer, Pro Audio Technology. “For example, in space or budget-constrained systems, three 6-inch deep 28212ais can operate as the LCR speakers and three main LFE subwoofers. There is no need to buy or locate separate subs”.

Pro Audio says the speaker employs a 1.7-inch advanced polymer compression tweeter, two ultra-high output 8-inch midrange drivers, and two 12-inch, 2000W woofers inside an “aimable” enclosure. It can be  configured with straight-firing “axi-symmetric” or with 40-degree asymmetric waveguides to aim the sound at reference listening positions while mounted flush into a wall.

The SR-28212ai allows for wide dispersion, high efficiency (>100dB/W in every passband) and offers output of over 130dB. The low frequency section is rated at 102dB sensitivity (with 4000W, 2000W AES, power handling); mid frequency is 106dB (1000W, 500W AES, power handling); and high frequency is 108dB / Watt. The speaker can also be mounted upside down positioning the subwoofer section near the ceiling for use a surround sub to augment Atmos speakers while keeping midrange and tweeters in the correct orientation.

For more information, visit Pro Audio Technology.

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