Portrait Displays has announced the release of CalMAN 2019. The company says its color calibration solutions are used by Hollywood’s “most recognized” color professionals to ensure that content is viewed as intended, and provides the necessary tools to deliver accurate color calibration on all types of display technologies in many color-critical environments.

Calibration professionals will have access to increased support for hardware, product features and workflows for 2019 models from manufacturers such as Canon, Dolby, Epson, FSI, LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony, according to the company. Alongside the release of Portrait’s professional color calibration solutions (CalMAN Ultimate, Video Pro, and Studio), however, CalMAN Home is now also available for home theater consumers wishing to calibrate a TV in their own household.

The Home iteration allows enthusiasts to use the same tools as the pros, but adopts a more “consumer-friendly approach.” PD has put a lot of effort into making sure the most-used aspects of the pro versions have been included in the Home package, and advanced features have been simplified and streamlined. The do-it-yourself software package has four versions available that support the latest offerings from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, and Sony, and therefore owners of some of the most popular display device manufacturers will be covered.

The 2019 solutions are available for download. To buy or learn more about the company’s calibration products and solutions, you can click here, or get information on one of your local distributors. For those of you who already use CalMAN, software can be updated here.

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Martin Dew