Paradigm has announced a new lineup of six Defiance subwoofers, known as the ‘X’ and ‘V’ Series. The X10, X12 and X15 include internally-braced ‘heady-duty’ cabinets, Active Ridge Technology woofer surrounds for ‘maximum driver-excursion.’ The company claims that the X Series can achieve massive SPL levels and intense detail for cinema quality bass. The new range is also the biggest subwoofer manufactured on the continent of North America.

Meanwhile, the smaller Defiance V8, V10 and V12 subwoofers are promised to deliver on value. The smaller footprint boxes ‘pack tons of technology into a compact powerhouse of low frequency impact.’

“When bass is properly reproduced, it is the foundation in music and movie soundtracks,” said Keith Dowd, Director of US Sales, Paradigm. “It’s easy to design a subwoofer that makes a lot of noise, but a subwoofer with vanishingly low distortion that sounds as good as a high performance speaker can only come from a company that knows how to design and build high performance speakers.”

All the Defiance subwoofers, with the exception of the V8, feature app control, Anthem Room Correction (ARC), and optional wireless connectivity. The iOS and Android app will control volume, low-pass filter, phase, and room gain. With three preset listening modes, users can also remotely turn Anthem Room Correction on and off. ARC will shape the bass to fit any given listening space, according to Paradigm. ARC Technology is controlled via the free Paradigm iOs and Android smartphone app. ARC will measure a space, compare it to lab standard responses, and remove performance-compromising anomalies. To provide more accurate measurements, Defiance X subwoofers include an external ARC microphone compatible with ARC Mobile (for iOS and Android) and ARC-2 for PC.

All Defiance subwoofers (except the V8) use a ‘Defiance Wireless Transmitter System’ too. The transmitter and receiver modules will connect easily and allow users greater placement options for a subwoofer.

Defiance X subwoofers also include Active Ridge Technology (ART) Surrounds. Paradigm says that the farther the driver can freely move, the deeper the bass it can generate. Patented ART driver design will ‘overmold’ durable driver surrounds to allow ‘the farthest possible throw’ without distortion or destruction. Greater excursion should result in a measured 3dB gain in output, with a 50% reduction in audible distortion compared to drivers held back by standard surrounds. All the Defiance subwoofers come in a Satin Black finish.

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