Panasonic is back in the news with the announcement of the 2017 TV lineup.  They are going to offer a variety of options to satisfy most consumers.  I have always liked Panasonic TV’s, and I will have a hard time giving up my Plasma when the day comes, but it is comforting to know that Panasonic is in the game, and looking strong.

From 4K and HDR to OLED, Panasonic has a TV range spanning all the possible wants of home cinema fans. This year lots of new models have been introduced with a keen focus on 4K and HDR, that will make sure owners are prepared for the inevitable tidal wave of HDR content that’s expected in 2017 from broadcasters like the BBC.

The Panasonic EZ1002 is the company’s flagship screen for 2017, with the EZ952 following closely. Both TVs boast OLED screens with 4K resolutions and HDR quality images, focused on making movies more lifelike.

The key here is the level of colors offered, which Panasonic says has only ever been available at this level on professional monitors worth tens of thousands of pounds. Panasonic calls this its Studio Color HCX2 Processor, offering nearly 100 percent of the DCI color space.

This is combined absolute black levels, 1,000 nits brightness and fine tuning by Hollywood professionals. The EZ1002 also features the Dynamic Blade Speaker tuned by Technics, plus an Absolute Black Filter to kill off reflections for the best quality picture even in brightly lit rooms.

Both TVs support plenty of HDR and 4K transmission formats including HDR10 and HLG, which the BBC is expected to begin broadcasting with soon. Both also feature the My Home Screen 2.0 operating system for apps and built-in Freeview Play.

The EX1002 comes in 65 and 77-inch models, while the EZ952 comes in 65 and 55-inch variants. While the 77-inch model won’t arrive until autumn, the other three variants are available in the UK from June 2017.

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