Joy Blu-ray Review

Joy is an erratic, quirky, but easily viewable comedy-drama with an Oscar-nominated star turn by Jennifer Lawrence fronting a fact-based fantasia on the costs and sacrifice inherent in becoming an enterprising success.

The Revenant UHD Review

Much praise has been given to The Revenant, director Alejando G. Inarritu’s tale of survival and revenge that won both himself and star Leonardo diCaprio Academy Awards for Best Director and Best Actor, respectively. While it is well-made, it is most certainly a tough film to watch, and was not this […]

Top Gun 30th Anniversary

It’s fun to celebrate the anniversary of landmark, important, or runaway pop-culture cinematic successes. Top Gun is certainly one of those films worthy of celebrating on milestone anniversaries. Though it is hard to reconcile that 30 years have now passed since Top Gun flew and barrel-rolled its way into the […]

Chato’s Land Blu-ray Review

On a superficial level, a sort of western precursor to their upcoming smash hit Death Wish, Michael Winner’s Chato’s Land starring Charles Bronson offers some of the same thrill of the cat-and-mouse hunt with an added layer in examining the rampant prejudices running roughshod over law and order in the […]