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The Long Wait UHD/Blu-ray Combo Review

Victor Saville’s The Long Wait might not have the lure of Mickey Spillane’s Mike Hammer to draw one to the proceedings, but star Anthony Quinn does a fine job making his two-fisted protagonist a suitable replacement for the brutish tough guy antihero.

Weekly RoundUp 3-21-2023

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The Long, Long Trailer Blu-ray Review

After conquering television with I Love Lucy, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz decided to use the hiatus between seasons of their hit show to parlay their newfound popularity into a hit movie, and they found it in Vincente Minnelli’s The Long, Long Trailer.

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (1939) Blu-ray Review

One of the most fondly remembered classics from cinema’s Golden Age, Sam Wood’s Goodbye, Mr. Chips examines a life well lived in a low-key, rather leisurely way making its narrative points and etching its characters so subtly that its sentiment, humor, and nostalgia are as natural as breathing.

Rocky: The Knockout Collection UHD Review

Warner/MGM’s Rocky: The Knockout Collection is a bit of a misnomer. Sure, we get the first four films in the franchise, plus a new director’s cut of the fourth, all in UHD, but the set has some QC issues, as well as being short on special features.

Weekly RoundUp 3-14-2023

  Where to find the Best Deals on Movies & TV Shows on 4k/UHD, Blu-ray and DVD… The Features – A Man Called Otto – 2022 – The Prince and the Showgirl – 1957 – The Wildcat – 1921 – Leonor Will Never Die – 2022 – No Man is …

Rancho Notorious Blu-ray Review

“Hate, murder, and revenge”: Those are the last four words of a song featured continually throughout Fritz Lang’s hyperbolic western Rancho Notorious, and they certainly describe both the theme and thesis of the narrative therein.

Our Dancing Daughters Blu-ray Review

Harry Beaumont’s Our Dancing Daughters is an entertaining silent comedy-drama: a notable concoction that offered Joan Crawford the laughter, the tears, the dance moves, and the splendiferous clothes that would assure her a place in movie stardom that she’d enjoy for the next forty-two years.

The Pez Outlaw Blu-ray Review

The Pez Outlaw is about the unexpected triumphs and tribulations of one man and his family’s hustle to make it big in a small, little-known corner of the money-making world: the collector’s market. How that man’s bold hustle turns into a journey to becoming a folk hero is something special. …