Optoma has launched the CinemaX P2 4K UHD UST laser projector ($3,299) which is rated at 3,000 lumens and replaces the award-winning CinemaX P1. The new unit promises to deliver 25% greater contrast than the former model, includes a six segment RGBRGB color wheel and an onboard enhanced gaming mode. As well as 4K UHD resolution (3,840 x 2,160), the P2 has a claimed 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio with dynamic black dimming modes, DCI-P3 color gamut and HDR10 compatibility.

The projector has a built-in 40W Dolby Digital 2.0 soundbar and is capable of producing a 120-inch image from “only inches away.” The P2 is a multi-purpose beamer intended for home theater, sports, photo sharing, gaming and even distance learning and working from home (WFH), the latter features supported by a Tap Cast app and screen mirroring. The P2 can also act as an art exhibiting tool while a SmartFit app achieves image alignment through smartphones, and there are various voice command support options available to users.

“It’s all about the experience, that’s why we’re excited to expand the award winning CinemaX series so consumers can bring the cinematic experience home and enjoy superior picture quality from the number one brand worldwide in 4K UHD projection technology,” stated Maria Repole, head of marketing, Optoma Technology. “Offering an innovative ultra short throw lens, the CinemaX P2 is easy to place and play, enabling families and households to view an immersive large-screen experience from only inches away from the screen without the hassle of mounting a television. Combined with theater-quality sound, and smart-home integrations at an attractive price point, the CinemaX P2 is the ultimate home entertainment solution.”

For more detailed specs and information, go to the Optoma website here.



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Martin Dew