CES is happening in Vegas this week, and most of us are sad that we cannot attend.  It is no doubt the the best of the best is going to be shown this year.  The technology is advancing quickly, it is a fun an exciting time as electronic manufacturers are turning their dreams into reality, and displaying them here for the world to see.

Two powerhouse home entertainment brands,  Onkyo USA Corp and Pioneer Home Entertainment U.S.A. are partnering for this year’s CES to to display some of the worlds most highly regarded and advanced home entertainment products.

The two companies will show the consumers their commitment to innovation while providing customers with the features and functionality they desire.

They will continue to cut the cords with their display of wireless whole home audio which will utilize Fireconnect® and Play-Fi®.  Both brands will have a multitude of offerings across an array of product categories.

They will focus on simplicity with multiple sound bar options for the mass-market consumers.  Two sound bars will be on hand featuring 360 degree DTS:X® and Dolby Atmos®.

As Hi-Res audio continues to make inroads with the American consumer, both companies will have products focusing on this market, showing multiple entry level options.

In addition to the hi-res audio player will be Pioneer’s Bluetooth/wireless headphones, as well as Onkyo’s new smartphone/audio player.

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Scott Hart