Not happy with 32 channels? Trinnov can now do 64

Trinnov can now enable 48 and 64 channel immersive audio systems with the Altitude48 and Altitude48ext. From its introduction in 2015, Trinnov’s Altitude32 has been capable of rendering 32 discrete channels. Now, as DSP-chipset manufacturers are finally about to achieve rendering of 16 channels, Trinnov engineering has created a solution to enable even more discrete channels from the Altitude32 controller, expanding the count to 48 discretely-rendered channels by using the Altitude’s 32 analog outputs and its 16 AES digital outputs simultaneously.

This will allow users to experience the full immersive capabilities of Home Atmos, with its maximum 24.1.10 layout, plus an additional 14 channels that enable more possibilities in terms of bass management, multi-amplified speakers, and Trinnov ‘Remapping’.

However, the 16 AES digital outputs require an AES multi-channel High-End DAC that performs as well as the Altitude’s own renowned DAC. Trinnov’s solution is the new Altitude48ext. Based on the Trinnov Magnitude32, the Altitude48ext provides 16 channels of AES/EBU input and up to 32 channels of analog outputs, using the same state-of-the-art DACs used in the Altitude32. This ensures perfect coherence in the final rendering and brings the total potential channel count to 64 independently processed channels.

The 48ext (“48 extension”) is much more than just a DAC, according to Trinnov. It is a fully capable Trinnov unit with the processing power to perform tasks such as implementing and calibrating up to 4-way active crossovers, unlimited bass management, and both third-octave and FIR equalization. Combining the 48ext with an Altitude32 that has the 48 channel option gives users access to 48 discrete channels and as many as 64 independently processed channels, pushing even further the boundaries of what is achievable in a high-end Home Theater.

Is this what your home theater configuration looks like?:


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  1. I can not even imagine getting a Emovita pre/pro that can do 32 channels but 64 channels that's wild. Ether one is a toy for someone with money. The cost of the pre/pro is out there so just imagine the amplification for 32 or even 64 channels and then all the speakers to go with it. Something like this is obviously something that will only get paired up with a projection system in a nice big room with multiple subwoofers.

    I had to go with the Marantz SR-8012 because the pre/pro was out of my reach and to buy the amplifiers for it. I would love to experience a home theater with 32 channels or even 64 channels just to hear how it sounds. I had to save like crazy for the SR-8012 but the nice thing is it is 100% paid for. And I defiantly do not have the space for all those speakers.

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