Rotel is launching new Michi models in January featuring the P5 Preamplifer ($3,999.99) , S5 Stereo Amplifer ($6,999.99) and M8 Monoblock Amplifier ($6,999.99). The high-end components represent “the pinnacle of 55 years of audio engineering excellence” and include a new system architecture promising accuracy, musicality and ultra-low noise.

Peter Kao Managing Director of Rotel, and 3rd generation of the founding family says, “Michi is taking Rotel’s values of excellent performance and value into the hi-end segment with models that offer new levels of engineering, build and design while setting new reference standards for audio performance. We have used all of our 55 years of design and manufacturing experience to create our best ever products.”

Rotel says the components include custom toroidal transformers mounted in epoxy filled enclosures which are manufactured in-house, and ensure reduced noise and vibration, while patented, British high efficiency, slit foil, bulk storage capacitors support up to 32 high-current output transistors. These qualities should provide accurate musical performance while achieving “crucial energy, rhythm and timing.” Emphasis has been placed on the build quality of the three components and there are high resolution front panel graphic displays, as well as IR remote control and RS232 and ethernet connections.

The P5 amplifier includes dual balanced input and output XLRs, dual AKM 32-bit DACs supplying the Class-A preamp, MM and MC phono stage inputs, and an apt-X Bluetooth wireless connection. Circuits are supported by 17 independent voltage regulators driven from toroidal transformers with low ESR smoothing capacitors, while MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) technology allows the preamp to render files mirroring master recordings.

The S5 stereo amplifier and M8 monoblock are Class AB designs delivering a claimed 500 watts and 1080 watts respectively into 8 ohm loads, jumping up to 800W and 1,800W into 4 ohms.Both include a twin matched 2200 VoltAmp, toroidal transformers and arrays of 32 high-current output devices to drive amplifier output stages. The new Michi products have five-way rhodium plated binding posts. More details and specs can be found here.

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Martin Dew