Writer, feature film director and James Bond expert Paul Kyriazi has written a book about how you can emulate the lifestyle of the famous fictional spy. Kyriazi promises that How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle will turn people’s lives around and enable them to “realize their dreams” by following 21 rules. According to the publishers, the mixture of the author’s wisdom with tidbits taken from 007 movies makes “a compelling read” particularly if you’re a Bond fan.

For over 50 years, Ian Fleming’s character has romanced women, while protecting the world from evil villains, but what made 007 so thrilling and attractive? Even though Bond is a fictional character, Kyriazi claims it’s possible for anyone at any age to get a license to thrill without signing up to Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

“My book, How to live the James Bond Lifestyle helps men of all ages,” said author Paul Kyriazi. “Especially baby boomers, that have made some money and don’t know how to upgrade their lifestyles.”Many are retired but don’t know how to travel or entertain with efficiency and style. They may have overlooked some of their dreams in the past but now, with more time and money, they can take a small risk to fulfill their dreams.”

Kyriazi suggests that men can’t go wrong in any situation in life if they ask themselves this simple question: What would James Bond do?

“There’s always the allure of trying to live like James Bond. There’s nothing wrong being yourself and living the adventurous and thrilling lifestyle you want. My book shows you how. Too often when men go to Bond movies, they cheer for 007 but often leave forgetting to root for themselves,” said Kyriazi.

Some tips for achieving a James Bond lifestyle explained in the book include the need to adopt a James Bond cool head to control anger, doubts, and overcome fear and shyness. Kyriazi suggests you should dress up, even when you’re home alone, as you never know when a Bond girl might drop by. And, when entering any new place, you should always make a casual, positive comment about it.

The new book How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle is available from Amazon here.

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Why do Bond villains always go for the Evil Lairs with the obvious self-destruct buttons? Are the ones without these buttons that much more expensive?

Why do Bond villains kill most new hires who fail to kill James Bond on their very first trip into the field? And kill so many people that they need to keep pet sharks around to dispose of unwanted secretaries?

Why is it that Bond villains know how he likes his alcoholic drinks, yet fail to kill him on sight?

Why do James Bond villains underestimate him? E.g., having strapped him to a metal table, and setting up a laser to cut him in half from crotch to forehead, they imagine that it is safe to leave the room and that he won't possibly escape given the chance to do so.
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Tommy R

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“No Scott, I’m going to put him in an easily escapable situation involving an overly elaborate and exotic death.”
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