With several manufacturers opting to use Dirac Live room correction software in home theater receivers (including Arcam, Emotiva and NAD), the company is promoting a public endorsement of the DL studio system from Swedish music producer/songwriter Rami Yacoub. The producer has collaborated with Britney Spears, One Direction, Madonna and Ed Sheeran, as well as receiving Grammy nominations for Lady Gaga’s Chromatica album. After working at Cheiron Studios in Sweden, he went on to found Kinglet Studios in both Stockholm and Los Angeles, the first of which met with acoustical imperfections which were “incredibly difficult” to correct, according to Dirac.

“We knew it wasn’t built perfectly. If you were sitting in the sweet spot, it sounded great, but if you moved your head back just a little, the bass was overwhelming,” Rami Yacoub said. “You’d be sitting with your partner and wouldn’t hear what he was hearing.”

Initially, Yacoub commissioned bass traps, but each of the eight were “the size of a refrigerator” and couldn’t fit comfortably in the studio before he landed on Dirac Live as a solution.

“When you run Dirac Live, it doesn’t really matter what studio you’re working in. The space’s design doesn’t matter; its construction doesn’t matter,” continued Yacoub. “The software compensates for the nuances of each studio so that, as a producer, I hear that true, faithful sound I’m trying to achieve. Dirac Live eliminated the bass imperfections and inconsistencies without requiring us to sit on top of a ‘refrigerator’ as we produced,” he said. “With Dirac Live, regardless of how many of us were in the studio, and where we were each seated, we all heard the same thing – which is essential when producing an album.”

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May 7, 2000
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Wow! That's a glowing endorsement. Honestly, I'm a tad skeptical as I didn't think any room correction system could totally eliminate the need for bass traps.