Miroir has launched its latest portable projector, the SYNQ, priced at $349.99, and which promises to make viewing streaming media at home or on the go “easier than ever before.” The product’s full name the Miroir SYNQ 720 DLP projector (M189) and the company says the new beamer is targeted at “media junkies” and cord-cutters who need an on-the-go projector housed in a portable and compact chassis.

The unit will play nicely with streaming devices, such as Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Chromecast and Roku, and there is an included storage compartment which will hide streaming sticks during viewings The 200-lumen SYNQ only weighs two pounds and can last for three hours without a charge when using the onboard eco power-saving mode. There is a five-watt speaker in the housing, plus 3.5mm audio out and USB-A power jacks. A micro USB power cable is included, and while the maximum capable resolution here is 720p, you can feed it content at up to 1080p.

“As more consumers ‘cut the cord’ and embrace subscription-based streaming media, an increasing number are also ditching the television set in favor of other options,” said Richard Erickson, principal for Miroir USA. “With SYNQ, high-definition video projection is possible anywhere, anytime with no cords, complicated setup menus or compatibility issues. Just like streaming services are the future of digital entertainment, we believe that SYNQ represents the future of home media viewing.”

Miroir also says that SYNQ has twice the resolution of their previous models at the same price point, more powerful speakers and a longer battery life. The product is available from Best Buy and Amazon.




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Martin Dew