The big news on the Blu-ray front this week was the revelation that Disney had removed a controversial scene from the end credits of the Toy Story 2 4K UHD BD, and this was already discussed at some length on this HTF thread.

As many of you will know, the Pixar Toy Story series of films include fake bloopers during the end credits of each film. However, in light of the #MeToo movement – which gained so much momentum in 2017, and surely as a result of Disney’s animation guru John Lasseter’s departure from the Mouse House last year – a scene suggesting the lewd behavior of one of the toys was quietly excised from the latest disc release of Toy Story 2.

The deleted scene in question shows Stinky Pete the Prospector making his move on two Barbie dolls inside a cramped toy figure packaging, and suggesting that he might be able to forward their careers in movies, specifically in Toy Story 3, in a now-frowned-upon casting couch setting. The re-edit of the end titles was apparently originally spotted this week by keen-eyed forum users on and reddit. The scene can be viewed below (posted by Guardian News), or see Garysb’s original HTF post.

According to some accounts, some DVD versions of the 1999 movie had the blooper scenes incorporated into the special features, and were not viewable in the end credits. However, there will surely be those who believe that this decision by Disney on the 4K release will be seen as a worrying trend of studios retroactively editing versions of movies in future because a message doesn’t fit with the current global political narrative.


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