To celebrate the respective July 30th streaming and August 13th disc releases of Avengers: Endgame, Marvel Studios – with the help of directors Anthony and Joe Russo – will launch the “We Love You 3000” Tour to thank fans who have invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

A team which will include “special guests” from Marvel Studios and the MCU will tour nine U.S. cities, kicking off in San Diego at Comic-Con International on July 20th, and ending in Anaheim at D23 Expo 2019 on the weekend of Aug. 23rd – 25th. Marvel says that 3,000 MCU Funko Pop Vinyl Figures will be handed out to fans during the tour, and there will be other giveaways comprising Avengers: Endgame prints, a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy and MCU sundaes from Ben & Jerry’s.

Best Buy will cash in on the action with five tour stop locations hosting in-store fan events to celebrate specifically the nationwide release of Endgame on Blu-ray on August 13th. These events include signings with Marvel Studios filmmakers, a digital photo booth, promotional giveaways – including the aforementioned MCU Funko figures – and exclusive prints. Punters can also pick up a limited edition Avengers: Endgame SteelBook, and other titles, from the MCU at BB stores and online.

The events and tour stops are listed below:

July 20 SAN DIEGO, Comic-Con International – Directors Anthony & Joe Russo, Writers Christopher Markus & Stephen McFeely and a special guest from the MCU

July 30 EVERETT, WA, Funko HQ – to be announced

Aug. 8 SAN FRANCISCO, Giants vs. Phillies at Oracle Park – Directors Anthony & Joe Russo at the San Francisco Giants’ Marvel Night

Aug. 13 MIAMI, Best Buy store – to be announced

Aug. 13 CHICAGO, Best Buy store – Directors Anthony & Joe Russo

Aug. 13 TORRANCE, CA, Best Buy store – to be announced

Aug. 14 MINNEAPOLIS, Best Buy store – Directors Anthony & Joe Russo

Aug. 20 CLEVELAND, Best Buy store – Directors Anthony & Joe Russo

Aug. 23-25 ANAHEIM, CA, D23 Expo 2019- to be announced

For more information on what’s taking place in each market, visit the tour web page.

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Jake Lipson

Dec 21, 2002
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Jake Lipson
This is a cool idea in theory, but of course it's not coming anywhere close enough for me to attend.

I assume the meet and greets will also include Blu-ray signings for the stops after the disc has been released. That would be cool to get. I kind of wish they would set up somewhere for those of us who aren't located in one of these cities to be able to order a signed Blu-ray, but of course if they did that the Russos would probably spend the next year or so signing discs because they'd be flooded with orders, and that's not fair to them or feasible to do.

Lucky thing for people in these cities and near where the events are taking place.
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May 7, 2001
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The Seattle stop is literally 20 minutes from my house...but the 30th is a Tuesday aka work day, so this is a no go for me. Sad, but oh well.