If you’re in the market for high-end speakers, VANA, Ltd. has been appointed exclusive importer of Sweden’s Marten brand of speakers and audiophile recordings to North America. The company’s product range spans prices from its new “accessible” Oscar series (starting at under $7,000 MSRP) to its top of the range Coltrane Series (setting you back in excess of $500,000 MSRP).

Marten says it is known for emphasis on high-technology components that “banish unwanted vibration from drivers, crossovers and cabinets” and using the best possible materials for every application, resulting in transparency and fatigue-free listening. Materials include ceramic and diamond drivers, copper foil inductors and “extremely expensive” critically damped capacitors used in crossovers. Cabinets are computer-optimized to minimize excess resonance and feature dampening materials, including honeycombed Kevlar and carbon fiber.

Marten is run by the three Olofsson brothers, who respectively perform the company’s executive, graphic design and engineering roles. The Olofssons’ maternal grandfather was a designer and manufacturer of musical instruments.

“Marten’s philosophy of uncompromising realism in audio reproduction makes them a great fit for us and for the North American audiophile community,” said Roy Feldstein, CTO at VANA. “Marten doesn’t shy away from using the best materials to serve this goal, whatever they may be — hence their reputation for utilizing diamond tweeters and ceramic drive units, as well as elaborately constructed high-damped cabinets. They obsess over their choice of materials; firstly, to eliminate unwanted vibration, and secondly, to avoid introducing any element of harmonic distortion. These components perform their tasks exquisitely and then disappear without influencing the sound.”

The Oscar series replaces the company’s two previous entry-level lines, Form and Django, delivering improved performance at a “lower” price point. You can get more information from new US distributor Vana Ltd. here.

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Martin Dew