LG Launches CineBeam 4K Laser PJ in U.S.

At the time of CES, we covered the unveiling of the LG 4K UHD HU80KA projector, and the beamer hit the news because, among other gongs, it also received the coveted CES Best of Innovation Award. Now LG has launched the projector stateside at a suggested retail price of $2,999.99.

The market for 4K projectors is expected to grow rapidly, and LG claims that it intends to lead the sector due to its ‘highly recognized product quality and innovative design’. The portable laser PJ, known as ‘CineBeam’ has also garnered the Red Dot Best of the Best Product Design Award. While LG contests that 4K projectors historically have tended to be heavy, expensive and difficult to install at home, the company believes that its designers have succeeded in minimizing the typical footprint of such machines, ‘without sacrificing image quality’, and while remaining price competitive. The CineBeam’s portability should guarantee that any room in the house can be morphed easily into a 4K home theater.

The HU80KA can create 150-inch diagonal screen size at a claimed 2,500 lumens, making it LG’s brightest projector to date, and HDR10 is also supported. Because of its ‘I’-shaped design, the unit can be placed on the floor, mounted on a wall, or hang from a ceiling. The projector includes a carrying handle, as well as an ‘Auto Cord’ feature, allowing for last-minute placement decisions, and its ‘Mirror Reflector’ doubles as a lens cover to protect from dust during storage. There are also two onboard 7W speakers to deliver ‘vivid cinematic sound’, although the jury might be out for some time on that one.

Streaming services and associated content can be accessed from LG’s embedded webOS smart platform, and connectivity includes USB, Ethernet and HDMI. There is also cool wireless support for keyboard and mouse if you’re planning that special presentation or wish to map your e-mail account in extra large text across the bedroom wall.

“The LG CineBeam 4K Laser Projector is a true game changer in the projector market,” said Tim Alessi, head of home entertainment product marketing at LG Electronics USA. “Portability and versatility combined with 4K technology delivers the ultimate large-screen home cinema experience in a compact size. This projector will lead the way in changing how consumers view 4K content in any room at home.”


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  1. I don’t understand who this projector is for, or what it’s nominal use case is. People who want a flexible, portable projector for ad hoc use don’t have a $3000 budget. People shopping in the $3000 range are looking for something that sits on the floor in the middle of the living room.

    @Josh Steinberg, does this make sense to you, as an urban home-cinema enthusiast?

  2. I've never been tagged to respond to a post before – cool!

    I'm not really sure who the target audience would be either. From my perspective as a guy making a home theater work in an apartment, the most efficient solution for me was to just be able to place my projector on a level shelf in the back of the room, aiming to a portable screen on the other side of the room. The footprint of the projector isn't really the obstacle – that's actually the easiest part of the whole thing. Having the available wall space (or space for a screen) is always the challenge.

    I think there is application for a portable projector, be it for parties, temporarily outdoor setups for backyard BBQs, office presentations, etc., etc. But I agree, I'm not sure who is going to spend $3000 for that when their are cheaper solutions. And I'm not sure that any of those applications demand state of the art 4K laser projection.

  3. Yes, I think Josh is right – parties and presentations. I don't ever remember footprint being an issue and, of course, if you're into home theater, you'll have a dedicated room and will spend $3k+ on a good projector anyway.

  4. Looks like we have two threads for LG's HU80KA 4K HDR Laser projector so please forgive some of my duplicate information, but I wanted to be sure whoever reads either thread gets my feedback.

    The form fit should not be an issue as I asked for and got LG to give us the normal VESA 4 bolt 1/4-20 standard bolt pattern on the top of the projector for easy ceiling mounting. This projector is a good match for fixed theater installation or portable use.

    Here's the most important points, this 4K HDR laser projector delivers a stunning HDR picture. The laser lamp is rated for 20,000 hrs. The crazy low price and high performance makes this a great upgrade choice for anyone with a dedicated theater.

    Sorry to be so strongly opinionated, but I've been using this projector for three weeks and we are loving the picture quality and convenience of easy operation for streaming, cable and BD operation.

  5. I've been holding out some important information on all of you. It's been killing me to keep this secret, but I was on a gag order and just got the moratorium lifted.

    I have the HU80KA engineering production unit in our theater demo room for the past three weeks! I been watching 4K UHD/HDR Netflix, Amazon, Youtube and 4K UHD/HDR BDs. Here's the link to our dedicated HU80KA page.

    Love the built-in webOS 3.5, the OTA and QAM tuners, love the 2,500fL laser light output for very pleasing HDR performance.

    For now I'll just give my one word review "Awesome, amazing, spectacular, breathtaking, price/performance King of HDR projection" Sorry I could not help myself. It's easy to see how Projector Central gave this a 5 star review in every category and made it the "Editor's Choice"

    Here's a few cell phone pics:




    Next week I'll be taking CMS and luminance measurements.

  6. No 3D, and no Dolby Vision HDR. LG's HU80KA is HDR10 capable. I have the static HDR tone mapping issue taken care of as we are feeding the projector with Panasonic's UB820 that we set to tone map HDR10 to the peak luminance of the projector.

  7. A friend of a friend just sent me a link to another forum where "Scott" reposted some of the things I said here along with the link to this thread. Scott was interested in the real measured contrast ratio and for a close-up picture of the screen to better see the resolution.

    We'll be testing my engineering production sample next week for the following items and I'll get back here with our findings.

    • Confirming the 18Gbps on both HDMI inputs
    • Peak luminance in 10% window and full screen
    • Minumum luminance on a white screen
    • I'll take a close of pic of the screen to show the pixel layout (you can't see any pixels on our 133" screen)

    I can tell you now that the MLL is good, but not great. Our theater has a pure white unity gain screen and the HU80KA's contrast and black level would benefit with a higher contrast grey screen.

  8. Hi everybody,
    I have the soundbar LG sj9 atmos, and I pre-order the hu80ka. I would like to know if with an HDMI 2.0 of 10 meters it would be ok for ps4 pro or AppleTV 4k or I need an HDMI 2.1? because I have no choice to connect the ps4 and apple tv to the soundbar, and the sound bar to the projector. the problem is that the projector is 8 meters away.

  9. Thanks for joining HTF!

    10 meters is a long run for any HDMI cable to support the full 18Gbps. You don't need a certified HDMI 2.1 cable, but you do need a very good 10 meter HDMI 2.0 cable. Active HDMI 2.0 cables will perform best at 10 meters.

    The biggest issue for your set-up is that the 8 meter throw distance is beyond the projector's range. Are you in the USA?

  10. no, I'm french, living in Bulgaria 🙂 my projector range is 4 meters ( my screen around 125 inches) but if I don't want the HDMI cable in the middle of the living room I have no choice to pass the cable under the floor and my minimum is 8 meters 🙁 but I didn't find 8meters HDMI, just 5 or 10 meters

  11. thank you very much, Robert, maybe a stupid question but I want to ask it anyway, we never know.:)i saw on a review that in sound setting (sound out) we have the possibility to choose simultaneous sound out with the internal speaker, do you think we can use the second HDMI of the hu80ka to pass just the sound to the soundbar? or there is nothing like that in the setting of the projector

  12. I'll double check and get back here.

    Also wanted to let you know that you might hear a slight lip sync delay when using the internal speakers and Bluetooth sound out to the soundbar. The soundbar may be a few milliseconds behind the internal speakers.

  13. If what you are saying that the 2,500 lumens of the HU80KA is the ANSI Lumens standard, which when translated into Nits becomes about 730Nits. If that's what you are saying I agree.

    Not sure the HU80KA puts out 730 Nits off screen luminance, but it likely does something like that and that's very bright and delivers a very nice HDR image quality.

  14. Robert_Zohn

    For now I'll just give my one word review "Awesome, amazing, spectacular, breathtaking, price/performance King of HDR projection" ..

    Tell me, how can you characterize the quality of the main characteristics of the projector (quality of factory settings of color, black depth, the correctness of the basic RGB colors, uniformity of sharpness across the screen surface)?
    1. How well is the projector set up in the factory, how different from the PF1500 and HF80JA? Have a PF1500 to factory settings a lot of blue, but the overall picture is better than HF80JA. HF80JA has problems with red and white color green.
    2. As far as visually, the black depth is good? Weaker than PF1500 or HF80JA?
    3. How correct (accurate) are RGB primary colors compared to PF1500 and HF80JA? The PF1500 has a problem with blue, it has a red tint and therefore the calibration device does not see it correctly. Hf80ja blue is better, but it has big problems with red, it has a strongly pronounced scarlet color.
    4. What is the uniformity of sharpness across the screen, and especially along the edges of the horizontal? In General, uniformity is a separate topic, judging by the reviews, the projectors of the false it is bad for all models. I do not understand, really for so many years, they could not find solutions and improve uniformity. I can assume that the reason is the lens or lens shift. The lens is attached with 3 bolts to the basket, I tried to adjust the lens deflection, but the design is not convenient to adjust. Checked out the unevenness in the corners HF80JA, set up exactly the sharpness pravnoj party fixture remote settings. And the left side looked at the deviation on a sheet of paper on the sharpness of the pixel, so the deviation was about 1.5 meters.
    5. What lenses are plastic or glass, at least partially? 6. Can this model display (play) 50Hz?
    View attachment 47006 View attachment 47007 View attachment 47008

  15. @esegan, I have not calibrated or performed anything more than viewing my engineering production HU80KA projector with a few test patterns and a lot of UHD/HDR content. So I don't have scientific answers to your questions. I'm waiting for our first mass production HU80KAs to arrive before I do a formal review.

    I stand by my comments of the excellent overall picture performance. The long life laser light engine delivers 2,500 lumens, which is about 720Nits and with Panasonic's new UB820 UHD/HDR BD player you can dial in the best HDR10 HDR optimizer setting to match the HU80KAs peak luminance ability for an exceptional HDR experience.

    At midnight tonight, I'll be announcing a Father's Day promotion that will kick-off the already successful soft launch of LG's HU80KA 4K HDR Laser projector.

  16. Here's just one test pattern we put on my engineering production HU80KA where we're checking geometry and sharpness across the entire screen.

    The Klein meter was set-up for other measurements we were testing. (Sorry I can't share any more at this time as I want to publish my detailed finding with a mass production HU80KA)


    The countdown is on… 3.5 hrs till the Father's Day promotion announcement.

  17. Hooo I’m very disappointing, I’m living in Europe and our ref model is Hu80kg (with no magic remote and web os 3.0) and hu80ksw
    (Same as HU80KA but white) Should have been here by the 30th of June , and they again delayed to the 31th of July :_(

  18. All of our customer's HU80KA orders shipped yesterday, (Friday) and they will be delivered this week. Many will arrive at our client's homes tomorrow!

    To all of our HU80KA clients, when you go to sleep I wish you dreams of your favorite Hollywood movies and sports on ultra large 4K HDR screens!

  19. We're getting lots of calls from our clients who received their HU80KAs all loving the projector!

    A few of the clients told me other forums say they have not shipped from any other retailer yet and that LG has delayed the launch. That's not true and we're getting our 2nd allocation the end of this week or no later than the beginning of next week.

    The formula is simple, manufacturers like forecasts and firm POs. If you forecast at least 3 months in advance and follow with a timely firm PO you are allocated.

  20. Robert_Zohn

    Here's just one test pattern we put on my engineering production HU80KA where we're checking geometry and sharpness across the entire screen.

    Judging from the fact that apart from the photo there is no any comment on the quality of uniformity of sharpness, I can assume that LG has an unsolved problem with unevenness of sharpness across the screen. Is the lens also plastic?

  21. Sharpness across the screen is very good on my HU80KA engineering production sample. The sharpness across the screen is not as good when you use the lens cover mirror.

    I don't know if the lens is glass or plastic, but sharpness is very good when projecting directly onto the screen.

  22. Robert, you mentioned earlier that you have adjusted a Panasonic player to give you an excellent tone mapped picture for a HDR UHD BR disk. Like many enthusiasts I won't be viewing any of those until Netflix starts renting 4K. However, I am a constant viewer of 4K HDR and DV streamed material from Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. It looks great on my flat panels. Do you have the ability to do a similar tuning to the LG for this streamed material? Would you post those when complete? I have owned the PF 1500 since it came out and have used Esegan's settings with great success. Having these calibrated settings would be a strong motivation for me to go with the new LG from you.

  23. Robert- Please help me in making a decision here.

    I have a Sony VPL-VW 665ES projector with 2000+ hours on it. Its time for TO replace the bulb which costs around $600+..
    The only complaint i have on this projector is HDR image looks too dull (All NETFLIX, Prime HDR shows). My screen is Screen Innovations Cine grey 133 inch which got a gain of 1.3.
    From your experience, Do you suggest going with LG HU80KA or stay with Sony and spend on the bulb?

  24. I suggest replacing the bulb and keeping your Sony 665ES projector. If you don't mind spending another $499, your projector would do well with Panasonic's UB820 BD player for your Netflix and Blu-ray disc watching.

    Your 665ES is a very good projector.

  25. The only reason I am interested in a projector now is because 3D capability is no longer available in flat panel TVs. There is no mention here of 3D. Does this device have the capability to project in that format?

  26. TJPC

    The only reason I am interested in a projector now is because 3D capability is no longer available in flat panel TVs. There is no mention here of 3D. Does this device have the capability to project in that format?

    This particular projector does not support 3D or DV. It does support HDR10.

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