It is rumored that LG Display is constructing the world’s biggest production lines for 10th generation OLEDs in Paju, South Korea. It is predicted that there will be a rapid increase in supply of large OLED TVs as production cost of OLED panels drops significantly when these production lines are operated. LG Display is working with South Korean equipment manufacturer, YAS, in developing deposition equipment for 10th generation OLEDs.

YAS had supplied deposition equipment for mass-production of 8th generation OLEDs to LG Display in the past.  Based on this experience, it is speeding up a process of developing deposition equipment for 10th generation OLEDs.

LG Display is going to finish construction of P10 by second quarter of 2018.  More than $2.64 billion (3 trillion KRW) is expected to be invested in the construction of the P10 lines. It seems that LG Display will mass-produce large OLEDs and small and mid-sized flexible OLEDs that will respond to future display market requirements.

It is predicted that LG Display will make operating profits from its business on large OLED panels starting next year.

“It is true that we requested YAS to develop deposition equipment for 10th generation OLEDs.” said a representative for LG Display. “We have not finalized on investment target for P10 but we will come up a final decision sometime during first half of this year.”

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