KEF has announced the availability of a walnut finish to the Q Series speaker range, priced from $550 to $2,000 per pair, with pre-orders starting today. The company says that the finish does not represent a price hike over the black and white variants, and “elegant” design is combined with features from the existing 8th generation Q Series.

The 8th generation Q Series has seen various performance improvements with the Uni-Q driver’s latest damped tweeter loading tube, designed to enhance lower treble frequencies, while a low-distortion inductor in the crossover provides for a cleaner bass response. There are also further improvements to the bass drivers, invoking “punchier” bass at higher volumes.

The Q Series includes a seamless baffle and magnetic grilles for a cleaner look with or without optional sonically neutral grilles. Some other features worth mentioning are the realignment of the Uni-Q drivers to the center of the cabinet on the bookshelf models, new paper cone drivers on the floorstanding Q750 and Q950, the latter of which also include a closed-box midrange cabinet to reduce driver loads. The Q150 and Q350 bookshelf speakers now have a repositioned rear port for better bass response.

With black, white and now walnut models, the idea is that the Q Series can blend with any home interior, while also giving consumers compelling sound performance “beyond” what they should expect from products at similar mid-price points.

The walnut line becomes available on July 29th with the following pricing on specific models: Q150 Bookshelf: $550.00/pair; Q350 Bookshelf: $650.00/pair; Q550 Floorstand: $600.00 each; Q650c Centre: $650.00 each; Q750 Floorstand: $750.00 each; Q950 Floorstand: $1,000.00 each.

More details are available on the KEF US home page.

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Martin Dew