July 4th deal on VIZIO M7-Series TVs

VIZIO claims that its M7-Series Quantum TVs are the “least expensive Quantum Dot TVs on the market” and support greater color capabilities than competing “entry-level” Quantum Dot displays that cost twice as much. Costco is offering two models for the July 4th holidays (although the offer is live now) on both the 65-inch M657-G1 and 55-inch M557-G1, and savings and prices are listed below. The M7 series TVs include up to 20 zones of local dimming for “excellent” black levels and 400 Nits of peak brightness, nearly three times the peak brightness of SDR.

Costco.com pricing for the 65- and 55-inch M7:

65-inch UHD HDR TV – M657-G1 – was $899.99, now $699.99
55-inch UHD HDR TV – M557-G1 – was $699.99, now $499.99

Here is an overview and quote from CNET’s recent review of the M7 series for reference:

The M-Series Quantum has excellent picture quality for the money, with deep black levels, accurate color and very good 4K HDR performance. Its smart system is phone-friendly, with Google Cast and Apple AirPlay control.

Less HDR punch than some competitors. Poor remote and on-screen smart TV system. Many models named M-Series Quantum won’t perform as well as the one we reviewed.

By bringing quantum dot color to a more affordable price point, the M-Series Quantum breaks new ground among midrange TVs.

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  1. Deals look good but I’d prefer to spend the extra $$ on the 55” M8 Vizio which come with 90 dimming zones.

    For me it’s a decision between the MQ55 -8 vs last year’s Vizio P55-F1. The P55 has fewer dimming zones (52) but has that 120Hz native refresh rate (vs 60Hz for the MQ55) which give it the edge for NFL (Cleveland Browns) football. Would the Quantum color be worth the lower native refresh rate?

  2. For our living room, I just got our family a Vizio 65" 4k UHD Dolby Vision TV. M-series, I think. $700 flat at Costco. PQ seems very good. And it looks really big compared to the 55" TV that was previously there that's now going to our son's room.

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