Jonny Quest coming to Blu from WAC

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As announced on Comic Con. Good news oldtimers!

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Kevin Collins



  1. Original Jonny Quest in BD is a blind buy.
    Yup Friday Night TV in the mid 60's.
    All of the guys loved Jonny Quest & tuned in religiously.
    Doug Wildey had a vision and it was perfect for that time.
    Please don't neuter this release or it's a waste.

  2. Great news! Dear Warner Archive:

    1. Please give us these episodes as originally aired. Dialogue cuts in 2 episodes on DVD are not acceptable to fans. You can see the character's lips moving but there is no sound on "Monster In The Monastery" and "Pursuit of the Poho".

    2. Please give us the original opening and closing credits. Different artists were credited on different episodes of the closing credits, and most of the episodes have the wrong closing credits attached. The DVD gives the impression that the same screenwriter wrote every episode, which is not the case. The very end of the opening credits were also snipped on the DVD where there is a fade to black, fade back in with the Jonny Quest logo and the narrator stating "Jonny Quest."

    3. Give us artwork on the packaging that reflects the character design from that time (too generic on the DVD release version).

    And how about keeping the original Screen Gems logo at the end of these series? (And if you leave out the modern Cartoon Network credit that is now on the DVDs, that would really be a plus. I love the Cartoon Network but I find that 3 second credit sequence to be one of the most obnoxious and annoying credits ever.)

  3. dpippel

    AWESOME! I grew up on Johnny Quest too, and have been waiting for a HD release. Hopefully it's a significant upgrade to the DVD set!

    Yep! The DVD set was quite nice but there were a few episodes that were horribly interlaced. Hope the blu-ray set addresses this.

  4. Count me in on this one, definitely a blind buy!!! Oh man, I grew up on this one along with Herculoids, Space Ghost…, etc. Boomerang built it’s fame on showing the classic cartoons like Johnny Quest and I would love to own them all.

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