How come “Splash” (1984) has never been released on Blu-ray in Region A?

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As I was retrieving my DVD of “Dragnet” which I’m going to trash now, since I just received the Shout Select Blu-ray, I noticed the 1999 and 2004 DVDs of “Splash” in my Tom Hanks section of my film library. The movie was a hit and it’s 2019, so I don’t quite understand why Disney has never released it on Blu-ray. Hopefully, it will be available on Disney+. It’s available in HD digitally on Vudu and iTunes, but for $17.99 which is too expensive for my taste.

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  1. I agree it doesn’t make any more sense than The Abyss and True Lies not being released on blu-ray! Although it looks like The Abyss and True Lies will end up on blu-ray and 4K UHD before Splash does.

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