Foxconn Reportedly Settled on Wisconsin For Its TV & Monitor Display Plant

Foxconn’s first planned U.S. manufacturing plant is reportedly set to open in Wisconsin. This was first rumored last month as one of seven candidate states …

CNBC reports that it will be officially announced this evening in an event to be attended by President Trump, Governor Scott Walker and Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Paul Ryan. It’s not known which city has been selected.

While Foxconn is a major Apple supplier, and the report coincides with a claim by Trump that Apple would be opening manufacturing plants in the USA, it’s not believed that this plant will make products for the Cupertino company. It’s expected to be a plant for making large displays for TVs and monitors.

Foxconn is expected to make iPhone displays back in China, however, though its Sharp acquisition. It was reported back in January that the company was setting up an OLED production line at an iPhone assembly factory. Production is not expected to begin until 2018 or 2019.

Apple is keen to reduce its dependence on Samsung for OLED panels, believed to be the sole display supplier for the iPhone 8. Apple was this week reported to be developing its own OLED technology, though will almost certainly outsource the actual manufacturing. Foxconn’s Chinese plant would be the obvious lead contender for this.

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  1. Foxconn is know for there assembly of apple products and the issues at that same factory in China. They also make pc motherboards which are horrible. That being said it is nice to see manufacturing jobs return to the US even if it is slow. And since when did Samsung make OLED panels? Is it only for there smart phones? If Samsung was making OLED panels you would think they would be selling OLED TV's and to my knowledge only LG and now Sony are offering OLED TV's!

  2. We’ll see if this materializes. They promised Pennsylvania a plant a few years ago then bailed, and they made another promise to Washington and it didn’t fulfill. They asked for a $3B (Billion) tax break to do this.. that’s a cost of $230k per each job they create (a lot) with no certainty they actually create those jobs.

    This is a heck of a gamble.

  3. I've lost the link, so I'll wing it here…it is speculated that the motivation for plant in Wisconsin is this manufacturing is water intensive (cooling?) and Wisconsin has lots of cheap water.

  4. I wonder what brands are gong to be assembled at that plant? I also have to wonder if they where trying to get an exemption on minimum wage so they could violate it? Let’s see if they actually build a plant here in the US! I just know I can not stand Foxconn’s actual products and hope they actually do a decent job at making other peoples TV here. Hope it is not going to be a TCL assembly plant!

  5. I was under the impression that EPA regulations where federal not state so how could they by pass EPA regulations? It also sounds like if this is the case that the governor is going to be removed from office.

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