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Fish of Marillion Chooses Parasound

Now, I don’t usually pick up stories from across The Pond and The Old Country, but this piece of news today might pique the interest of our readers, particularly devotees of San Francisco-based Parasound, and its home theater and music amplifiers. I also write with total unashamed bias, as an owner of several HCA amplifiers which power my reference Dolby Atmos-driven AV system at home.

Fish, eccentric former frontman of prog group Marillion (from 1981 – 1988), has personally endorsed Parasound’s award-winning Halo Integrated amplifier, and confirms that it will be his model of choice – at both his studio and home near Edinburgh – to accurately monitor his studio recordings prior to album releases. Formerly named Derek Dick (yes…well), Fish – and his bandmates – will be using the John Curl-designed silver block to assist with recording duties on the upcoming album, Weitschmerz, in their dedicated studio before commercial pressings are made.

The Halo range of integrated and power amplifiers are already employed in a number of the world’s top recording studios, as well as film post production suites. The Halo Integrated, as it’s branded by Parasound, includes the ESS Sabre32 Reference DSD capable DAC, MM/MC phono stage, balanced XLRs, analog bass management, and 160W per channel of power.

Fish says, “I have been listening extensively to the Parasound Halo amplifier ever since it was installed and am blown away by its combination of accuracy and musicality. The first night with it involved a few glasses and playing albums into the small hours – time ran away with me as the sound was so absorbing.”

“I am under no illusion that it is going to contribute hugely to the creation of my next studio album and can’t wait to hear the results as we start the recording process. In the meantime, my extensive music collection is going to get some serious and very enjoyable listening!”

Owners of Parasound amplifiers here on the forum will need no convincing, and certainly – in the view of this writer – their extraordinary dynamics, reserves of power, pin-sharp accuracy and subtlety, on both music and film source material, are a wonder to behold. Another thumbs-up from a music industry veteran will do the Bay Area’s electronics wizards even more deserved favors. Long may that continue…

Martin Dew

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