Epix To Offer 4K Content

MGM-owned premium network Epix will offer a mix of movies and series in 4K on affiliate VOD platforms as well as via apps on TV-connected devices that support 4K/Ultra-HD resolution. The company has not yet identified which of its pay TV partners will offer its 4K content on their respective set-top box VOD platforms but the company has also launched apps for TV-connected platforms that support 4K, including Amazon Fire TV and Android TV devices, Chromecast streaming adapters, Apple TV boxes, and certain Roku players and Roku TVs. TiVo’s Bolt line of retail DVRs also support 4K, and some of TiVo’s MVPD partners have begun to roll out 4K-ready Arris-made boxes that run TiVo’s software and user interface.

According to Variety, Epix will also be offering a stand-alone service, along the same lines as HBO Now, Showtime Now, and CBS All Access. Although no launch date has been announced for 4K content, subscribers should expect the content to debut on the on-demand streaming apps first, with movies such as Bond favorites Die Another DayGoldeneye, and The Spy Who Loved Me, in addition to Star Trek Beyond and Transformers: The Last Knight and the Epix original series Get Shorty.

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  1. Todd Erwin

    It is not just streaming, since it will also be available on cable boxes eventually, and not just on-demand. At least that is how I read the press release.

    But what does that have to do with the movies? That’s even less of a reason to post it here. 😉

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