DTS Play-Fi has expanded its lineup of Works with Alexa certified products to include models from MartinLogan, Paradigm and Anthem. New DTS Play-Fi products that have received the certification include:

· Anthem MRX 720 A/V receiver
· Anthem MRX 1120 A/V receiver
· MartinLogan Bravado speaker
· MartinLogan Cadence sound bar
· MartinLogan Crescendo X speaker
· MartinLogan Forte amplifier
· MartinLogan Motion Vision X sound bar
· MartinLogan Unison pre-amp
· Paradigm PW 600 speaker
· Paradigm PW 800 speaker
· Paradigm PW Amp amplifier

The full list of Play-Fi-enabled products with Works with Alexa functionality is available at https://play-fi.com/faq/entry/in-what-ways-does-play-fi-support-alexa.

For those who don’t already know, Works with Alexa allows customers to control audio playback on an Alexa compatible DTS Play-Fi product from another room using an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or other Alexa-enabled device. Customers can link an Amazon account to a compatible DTS Play-Fi product and Alexa will ‘know’ the speaker by name. Customers can also use voice to ask Alexa to play a song in a specific room or a group of rooms that have been linked to adjust volume, skip a track forward, mute, pause, stop music and more.

Once audio has started playing from an Alexa command, the DTS Play-Fi app can be used to add more products into the streaming session. Customers can link other DTS Play-Fi-compatible speakers to their Works with Alexa certified DTS Play-Fi device, and use Alexa commands to the primary device to control playback across all connected devices.

DTS has also announced that DTS Play-Fi-enabled products featuring Works with Alexa functionality are now available in France, Canada, Australia, Japan and India, for those of our members who are outside North America.

For more information about DTS Play-Fi technology, please visit www.play-fi.com.

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