Denon is introducing four products to celebrate its 110th anniversary including the flagship AVR-A110 8K AV receiver, priced at $5,499. The three remaining products comprise the PMA-A110 integrated amplifier ($3,499), DCD-A110 SACD player ($2,999) and DL-A110 MC phono cartridge ($599). The Japan-made products include a silver-graphite finish with 110th anniversary logos on the front panel, and each arrives with a certificate of authenticity stamped with the approval of the company’s head engineer.

The 13.2-channel AVR-A110 13.2-channel 8K AV receiver includes Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS:X Pro, Auro-3D immersive audio and IMAX Enahnced certification. The unit includes a monolithic amplifier design, an 18lbs high current power transformer and custom 22,000uF/80V audio capacitors enabling 150 watts per channel (8 ohm, 20Hz – 20 kHz, 0.05% 2ch driven). HDMI connectivity features 8 in and 3 out, including a dedicated 8K/60Hz input along with the latest dynamic HDR standard.

For gamers, the receiver offers Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and Quick Frame Transport (QFT), minimizing lag and latency while eliminating frame tearing. There is also eARC HDMI connectivity, HEOS built-in for wireless multi-room streaming, Apple AirPlay2, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music HD, TIDAL, Sirius XM and Deezer. Voice control includes Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and

Denon says the AVR-A110 was developed “with extreme attention to detail and tuned by a Denon sound master at its component level to solidify its place as one of the most special AV receivers Denon has ever produced.” As well as its all-black interior housed in a limited-edition silver-graphite finish with aluminum front and side panels, there are custom die cast feet and a copper transformer plate for better isolation.

Denon started in 1910 and produced Japan’s first phonograph and later created the country’s first professional disc recorder, producing the first audio recording of Emperor Hirohito’s voice at the end of World War II. The company also introduced the first CD-ROM format in 1985 and the world’s first universal Blu-ray player, which could play both DVD-Audio and SACDs. With the exception of the DL-A110 phono cartridge available from November, the remaining three products, including the AVR-A110 receiver, will be available from October. For more information on the 110th anniversary line, visit Denon.

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Martin Dew