C+A, the global distributor of the Darbee DVP-5000S Image Enhancer, has today announced that the product will be available to home theater, video, and gaming enthusiasts with a special extended Black Friday through Cyber Monday promotion. The detail and contrast-enhancing black box can be snapped up for $149.99 over the holiday period, rather than at the usual MSRP of $199.99.

Holiday tech shoppers over the weekend can find the DVP-5000S with this special pricing at Amazon.com, B&H Photo Video and eBay websites.

No larger than a smartphone, the sleek device is compatible with any HDMI source and display, and produces video or gaming images with ‘depth, clarity, and realism’.

Many HTF readers will already be familiar with this slimline box of tricks, originally available as a blue (or green) plastic pocket-sized case, but now sporting a leaner, more appealing black guise, and a thankfully more robust and easier-to-use remote.

Consumers can take their home entertainment to an entirely new level of enjoyment by simply connecting the DVP-5000S in-line between any product’s HDMI output and the HDMI input of the display. Simple controls provide three viewing modes that give viewers much flexibility to choose the effect that looks best for their particular setups and viewing preferences. The “Hi-Def” mode is recommended for high-quality content such as Blu-rays; “Gaming” mode is best suited for computer-generated images, and the “Full Pop” mode is designed for low-resolution and/or low-quality video sources.

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Martin Dew