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Probably been answered before, but finally got around to viewing tCriterion edition of It's a Mad(4) World, and your work, as always is invaluable- great to a least hear the audio of the Keaton-Tracy and Barry Chase scenes with the stills. Still wondering, however, as apparently it's never been recovered, what the sequence was with Howard DaSilva, Phil Silvers and the mine, and where was it placed in the edit?
Hey Mike. HTT was a great site back in the day. Wish I didn’t lose touch with a lot of guys there. I was a mod and I even won the Pioneer 563A you put up. Bru.
Dear Ronald,

I would like to post this info on the thread dealing with Raintree County (1957) but lack the computer skill to do so. Thanks, AJ Murphy

I have bought a number of DVD issues of this movie. The one with by far the best image quality is sold from Austria. It is a region-free full widescreen DVD-R with a German language title, Das Land des Regenbaums. It has German, English and Spanish sound tracks
Dear Ronald, How long before I can comment on custom covers again ? I am blocked because of ... Worlds worst actor comment or $20.00 charge for a custom cover from F. Nissen ? ..Rick
I'm a newcomer to the Home Theater world. I'm currently retired. I love building computers as a hobby. I've worked for a company contracted by the Navy to perform maintenance on their aircraft. I was a aircraft mechanic for about 7 years. I worked as a machine techician for a local company in my home town of Meridian, Ms. In my pass I've also worked as graphic designer for about 6 years.
Maybe this will help. I understand that the University of Wisconsin has all years and episodes of The Defenders. I don't know if that can help us. We of course are only interested in Seasons, 2, 3, and 4.
Well folks, 60+ hours of time making sure the upgrade went smoothly and fixing bugs afterwards tires a guy out! I'm doing to be a little scarce for a day or so, but will be back to fixing issues Saturday. Thanks for your patience!
Hi Dave, I've not been around here for a long time now and would like to update my settings and so on. In short, I'd like to have the username which is displayed for me changed from Livius to my own real life name, which is Colin McGuigan.
Is this possible? Thanks in advance.
Sam Posten
Sam Posten
Hey I love both. The VTF just does a great job in my wide open basement. If you are on east coast welcome to come to central MD for a demo =) The PC 2000 is in my bedroom, doesn't get much of a workout these days but I liked it so much when I reviewed it I had to keep it. It is a great value!
Hi I currently have a pc2000 and am thinking of going with a vtf-15h mk2. I saw that you owned both at some point and wanted your thoughts on the 2. Thanks for your help. I have a 3300 sq ft theater and listen at loud levels. Also I have rp8000f and rp504c
I have a JVC TUNER AX6 to a A-X4 integrated amp and I want JBL pb12 subwoofers how to hook them up with out damaging either one

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