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Aug 20, 2006
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Here's a great single-season series starring Keenan Wynn and former Olympian Bob Mathias. If you'll recall (or not), this 1959 drama featured the adventures of a traveling construction crew. With the rebuilding of Iraq by contract crews and the danger they face, it's pretty relevant today. Hey Mill Creek...are you reading this?!

Bert Greene

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Apr 1, 2004
I've never seen an example of this series, but I've always wanted to. The premise seems to offer an interesting variety of plots. And, it's a Ziv product, and I don't think I've ever been disappointed in one of their shows. As for "Troubleshooters," how can you go wrong, with episode titles like "Liquid Death," "High Steel," "Fire in the Hole," etc.? Anyway, I read Mathias died not too terribly long ago.

Michael Alden

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Jun 5, 2005
The Ziv library is controlled by MGM, now distributed by Fox. Since they will never have an interest in releasing any of the Ziv library, perhaps some enterprising independent company can make a deal with them. Among the classic Ziv series:

Sea Hunt
Highway Patrol
The Everglades
Science Fiction Theatre
Boston Blackie
I Led 3 Lives
Bold Venture
Bat Masterson
Man and the Challenge
World of Giants
The Aquanauts
Men Into Space
Case of the Dangerous Robin
Harbor Command
King of Diamonds
Men of Annapolis
West Point
King of Diamonds
Lock Up

And many others. All locked away by MGM awaiting rescue.


Jan 29, 2005
Well, Hawaii Five-O had better titles: "30,000 Rooms and I Have the Key", "3000 Crooked Miles to Honululu", "3 Dead Cows of Makapuu", "40 Feet High...and it Kills!".
And those are just the numbered episodes.

How about "Engaged to be Buried" and "Yesterday Died and Tomorrow Won't be Born". Come on now.

Bob Hug

May 19, 2005
That’s and interesting (and diverse) list of shows, Michael. If any of the Ziv catalog listed gets an official release, I’d guess that “Sea Hunt” and “Highway Patrol” would have the best chances. There have been some episodes of “Lock Up” and a Ziv sitcom, “Meet Corliss Archer,” released by Alpha Video that are apparently in the public domain.

Maybe someone here can answer a question about Ziv’s earliest series, “The Cisco Kid.” MPI released (ala “The Rifleman”) several volumes with a number of episodes from the show. Were these episodes licensed or were these in the public domain? If they were licensed, then the possibility might exist for the licensing of other Ziv programs.

Incidentally, the Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research has most of the Ziv catalog in their archives; see:


Bert Greene

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Apr 1, 2004
My biggest Ziv mystery has always involved "Boston Blackie." Decades ago, some gent told me the entire series was filmed in color, but only prints in b&w circulated on television. I never quite bought that contention, although there does seem to exist at least one or two 'color' episodes of the show in collecting circles. And, Ziv also seemed to film a few color examples of "I Led Three Lives" and "Mr. District Attorney." Maybe they were just 'tests' of some kind. I've often wondered. They obviously had a history with color, as in "Cisco Kid" and "Science Fiction Theater." So, I guess the whole thing is conceivable.

Although, another Ziv mystery is whatever became of the "Eddie Cantor Comedy Theatre," which is another item of theirs reputedly filmed in color (back around 1955 or so). It seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth. No one seems to remember it, and no collectors seem to have copies of any. It sounds intriguing, but I'm also wary. Although Ziv was top-notch in unpretentious action shows, "Meet Corliss Archer" proved they lacked the knack for comedy.


Never seen this series but sounds intriguing.

Most of the ZIV shows were competent enough ,Sea Hunt was probably their biggest success & I understand 'Bat Masterson' is playing again on some cable stations. I have recently watched a couple of episodes of 'Harbor Command' but too be honest it was very dull & dated.

As for colour, don't know about 'Boston Blackie' but all segments of 'Cisco Kid' were filmed in colour.However, this was not foresight by the producers but
because colour film stock was actually cheaper.They assumed the shows would only be seen in black & white so took no trouble in processing.Consequently when viewed today colours are often washed out & poorly matched as evidenced by some folk who have reviewed the sets on Amazon. Don't know if Cisco is public domain or not, Quite a few episodes are on PD labels. I think the series was acquired by an outfit called 'Walter Zwimmer Productions' as this logo seems to have replaced the original ZIV logo on the MPI releases.


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Mar 12, 2001
Looks like the first Ziv series from MGM will be "Home Run Derby" being released July 10th. Hopefully more Ziv shows are in the works

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