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ZIMMERs' fans don't miss this...DECCA presents: WINGS OF A FILM

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by YANG, Aug 20, 2001.

  1. YANG

    YANG Second Unit

    Feb 10, 1999
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    This album release is a live concert recording of performance of various ZIMMER's popular works,which include tracks from GLADIATOR,MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2,THE LION KING,THIN RED LINE,DRIVING MISS DAISY,and others.
    The whole album contains mostly light works which are not from those popular JERRY BRUCKHEIMER films.There is only one strong track in the album,GLADIATOR's "AM I NOT MERCIFUL".
    The best notable track,is "ETHAN AND NYAH" from MI2.Recomposed/remixed to a guitar concerto,it brings the listeners to a whole new experience away from the current accoustic version from HOLLYWOOD RECORDS release.
    THIN RED LINE in this album had been given a special treatment too,a extended version that runs 9mins++ compared to the previously release from RCA RECORDS.
    This is a definate album not to be missed to any ZIMMERs' music lovers.Although there is no JERRY BRUCKHEIMER films musics(PEARL HARBOR,THE ROCK,CRIMSON TIDE) and other action film musics in this album,this is still a impressive album.
    Hope that there will be an another release of the ZIMMER's ACTION compilation from DECCA,which features THE ROCK,CRIMSON TIDE,PEARL HARBOR,BACKDRAFT,BROKEN ARROW,GLADIATOR,HANNIBAL and others more...
  2. MichaelPe

    MichaelPe Screenwriter

    Feb 22, 1999
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    This looks like a great CD... I had never heard about it until now. Thanks!

    1. Gladiator: Now We Are Free
    2. Gladiator: Am I Not Merciful
    3. Driving Miss Daisy: Driving
    4. Thelma & Louise: Thunderbird
    5. The Thin Red Line: Journey To The Line
    6. Mission: Impossible 2: Nyah And Ethan
    7. The Lion King: Lea Halalela
    8. Power Of One: Mother Africa
    9. Nine Months: Suite
    10. Rain Man: Main Theme
    11. True Romance: Main Theme
    12. The Lion King: Busa[/list=a]
  3. Coressel

    Coressel Supporting Actor

    May 26, 1999
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    I got this CD as a preview copy about a month ago and decided to not write a review of it. This and the Telarc Jerry Goldsmith album are among some of the most useless muzak CDs I've heard recently.
    There's nothing to them. It's just wallpaper. Old people listen to this stuff in nursing homes. It's not good.
    Find the original soundtracks of the scores to these movies. Listening to a "Concert" version of movie themes always makes my ears turn to mulch.
    Just my opinion, of course... [​IMG]

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