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Your top 10 TV on DVD releases for 2004? (1 Viewer)

Casey Trowbridg

Senior HTF Member
Apr 22, 2003
After compiling my list of the top 10 DVDs of 2004 for this Thread I thought it would be fun to find out everyone’s top 10 TV on DVD releases for the year 2004.

They can make your list because of great extras, top quality transfers, or just the joy of having a long time favorite on DVD.

So without waiting…here is my top 10.

1.SCTV Network 90: Volume 1
I bought this sort of on a whim, the price was good as it had been a long time since I had seen SCTV in any form. It was the best overall purchase for me in 2004. What a great show, and what a great box set. I don’t have volume 2 yet, or else I suspect that I would include that right along side this. I was hooked on the show from the first skit, and the bonus materials are nothing to sneeze at. I particularly like the special with the cast hosted by Conan O’Brien.

2.The Simpsons: Seasons 4 and 5.
This is basically a slam dunk. You have the peak seasons of the Simpsons, and some quality bonus material to boot. Yet this also makes the list because we actually got 2 seasons in 2004.

3.The Dick Van Dyke Show: seasons 3, 4, and 5.
I just can’t separate these box sets. They are all great, the Dick Van Dyke Show’s 5 releases are probably the most consistently great tv on dvd releases of any show in terms of overall presentation. Good job to Image and those responsible for this quality series, and the fact we got them in such a short time makes it all the more wonderful. Great packaging also.

4.Futurama: Volumes 3 and 4
It is rare that I am ever sad that I can’t spend more money on something but when I bought volume 4 of Futurama, I found myself very sad about how there would be no volume 5 for me to purchase. Some of my favorite episodes in the series are found in these 2 volumes, and I find the commentaries which are the real meet of the extras to be better than the Simpsons. Guess the Zoidberg anyone?

5.Andy Griffith Show: The Complete First Season
One of those long held wishes that I would see on DVD. I rank this set so high even though it has no extras of any kind that’s how glad I am to have this series the way it looks and sounds on DVD instead of those public domain titles. I wish Paramount could toss a few extras our way next year though, but I’ll buy the series anyway.

6.Everybody Loves Raymond: The Complete First Season
I really like the packaging for this show that I must admit right away. I also got hooked on this show via the DVDs. The extras were alright but made me wanting more which I guess is a good thing, and it’s a good thing we have many more seasons to come.

7.The Critic: The Complete Series
Another one that I have wanted for awhile, and Columbia actually didn’t disappoint me. The episodes are still funny after all these years, it was good to finally have the webisodes and it had more features than your average Columbia (now Sony Pictures Home Entertainment) release.

8. NBA Dynasty Series: Chicago Bulls, and Los Angeles Lakers
I consider these to be TV on DVD releases because the NBA is so prominent on television and the wealth of these sets are televised games. These sets give you a great look at the great years of both teams, and they include some pretty good and memorable games. The Larry Bird DVD also deserves a bit of merit in this discussion as well, and if/when I get the Boston Celtics one it will probably join these sets. Just a great overall presentation of some fun material. I found myself getting in to games that were more than 15 years old. Good job NBA/Warner.

9. The Flintstones: The Complete First Season
The first in the Hanna Barberra line to come out along with Scooby-Doo, and a show I had longed for on DVD. There were some not so great things about this set, but nothing that I thought hindered it from being on this list.

10. Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Volumes 2 and 3.
Lord I love this show. I probably watch my ATHF DVDs more than anything else, plus I will say this much the commentaries are definitely lively.

Notes: I don’t own Freaks and Geeks (yet) or else it would probably be on the list. I also have Seinfeld seasons 1 and 2, and expect season 3 for Christmas, but I haven’t watched those yet and so I will probably edit this list later if they are as good as I expect.

My most disappointing set of the year:
Scooby-Doo: Where Are You?, the Complete First and Second seasons.
I’ll deal with shows with cut episodes at a different time. The bonus materials on one of Hanna Barberra’s most successful and even now one of WB’s most profitable brands were laughable. I honestly hoped for better for this series.

We’ll leave favorite studio and such for a different thread, but I am curious about everyone’s top 10 and 1 most disappointing release. I got a feeling that for most disappointing we’ll see the phrase “due to cut episodes” or “due to missing music” the most. While those things anoy me, I personally want to focus on those types of releases at another time.


Second Unit
Dec 20, 2003
Top 10:

1. The Simpsons S4, S5
2. 24 S3
3. Diff'rent Strokes S1
4. 3rd Rock From The Sun S2 (R2 only)
5. Seinfeld S1, 2, 3
6. The Flintstones S1
7. King Of The Hill S3
8. Dilbert Complete
9. Friends S10 (R2 only)
10. Everybody Loves Raymond S1

Most disappointing: ALF.
Futurama is not counted as I own the R2 S4, which came out in Nov '03.


Senior HTF Member
Nov 15, 2004
The basement of the FBI building
My Favorite 10 TV sets of the year

1. 24: Season Three (Great show and good extras)

2. Millennium: Season One (One of my all time favorite shows came to DVD!)

3. Freaks And Geeks: Season One (Great show and great extras. You could tell that the show was loved by everyone involved with the set and the series)

4. Seinfeld: Seasons One And Two and Season Three (The best TV DVD presentation that I have ever seen. I wish they had the subtitle trivia tracks on more of my favorite shows)

5. The Simpsons: Season Four and Season Five (The show was still in its prime. It takes them awhile to get the sets out but it's worth the wait)

6. Futurama: Volume Four (A great show packed with great extras)

7. The X-Files: Season Nine (The end of the series that spawned the season-by-season release. Two discs of extras. Plus, it was better than Season Seven)

8. Alias: Season Three (It wasn't the best year for the show but the presentation was great)

9. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season Seven (The end for Buffy)

10. Firefly: Season One (Another short-lived show that I got to see thanks to DVD)

Honorable Mentions

The Twilight Zone: Season One (I'm just hoping this one is good. Guess I'll know next week;)

Harsh Realm: Season One (I never thought it would come out and it will be another part of my 1013 collection- one more to go...)


Senior HTF Member
Mar 29, 2004
1. Survivor All Stars - Hardly my favorite season, but 9 commentaries and tons of great bonus features made this an excellent set.

2. Survivor: Borneo - Awesome set. The episodes themselves are better than SAS, but the features on SAS more than make up for it.

3. Simpsons S5 - Ok, so I don't own it yet, but this is probably my second favorite season ever.

4. Simpsons S4 - Best Simpsons set yet, and not just the episodes. The way the menus are done are the best of any Simpsons set.

5. The Apprentice - A ton of bonus features, but they're all pretty boring...still, nice to have the episodes.

6. Pee-wee's Playhouse sets 1 and 2 - Another one I don't own, because I'm waiting for next year's LEs.

7. Seinfeld S1-2 and S3 - Yet another I don't own. However, a friend does and I've watched a bunch of the episodes and features. Extraordinary.

8. The Flintstones - I haven't finished any of the HB sets yet, and none of the features are very satisfying, but the episodes on this set are teriffic.

9. The Jetsons - See above.

10. Scooby Doo, Where Are You? - See above.

Disappointment: Survivor All Stars. I know what you're thinking; isn't that #1 in my list? Yes. But the biggest TV-DVD disappointment for me was the fact that the recap wasn't included. Luckily, according to my contacts with Martin Blythe, Paramount is looking for a way to release this episode somehow.


Supporting Actor
Apr 15, 2004
Gosh I can't do a top ten.... I haven't watched as much tv on dvd.

Here is my top five:

1. Alias S1-3 ~ This show has got to be my favorite right now. I never watched this show in it's original run and I'm sort of glad, because the dvd extras really make the viewing all that much better.

2. Seinfeld ~ My favorite comedy ever! The set is great, the extras are spectacular and I watch it over and over and still laugh just as much.

3. Freaks and Geeks ~ Probably one of the best shows kept in it's original form ( MUSIC and all). I watch this one quite a bit. I didn't buy the yearbook set (wishing I did now), but I still love the set I have.

4. Roswell S1 and 2 ~ This is another show I can just pop in and watch over and over. The extras aren't the best and I am just sick that they took out the original music, but I still like having this show to watch whenever I want. Excited for S3 to come out.

5. Jem and the Holograms S1-3 ~ These are great! It's so fun to watch them and relive all those childhood memories of sitting in my room after school and watching this show. My girls love them just as much as I did/do. The extras are cheesy and I wish they did more with Britta Phillips in the interview ( maybe had her sing some for us), but this set is another we watch alot.

Worst set ~ 21 Jump Street. I loved this show growing up and I thought how cool to get to see it again.... NOPE! This show is so dated and just lost something for me as an adult. I guess being a teenager with a major crush on Depp will make you watch anything! LOL! The set was not worth the buy.

Paul Miller

Supporting Actor
Mar 9, 2004
Outside of rating the releases by the show's content itself, I think the top five jobs done on a DVD this yeare are....

Futurama, Simpsons (Conan commentary), Farscape Starburst Edition (cast commentaries on six out of seven episodes, bios of the characters, making of the show), Greg the Bunny (commentaries in character & out, deleted scenes, interviews), Dick Van Dyke (commericals, episodes featuring cast members from other shows, commentaries by Reiner & Van Dyke)

Honorable Mention

The HB Sets, with Wacky Races getting the best treatment of all of them and Scooby Doo getting the worst


Matt Stone

Senior HTF Member
Jun 21, 2000
Real Name
Matt Stone
No particular order...

24: Season 3 - Not the best season of the show, but decent enough, and strong extras. Especially the short prequel to S4.

Buffy: Season 6 and 7/Angel Season 3 and 4 - I'm not the biggest fan of these two seasons, but I gained greater appreciation for Season 6 when I rewatched it on DVD. The commentaries were good, and the other extras were mostly good as well (especially the convention panel on S6). The extras didn't impress me too much on the Angel sets (except for the great Amy Acker audition on S3), but the quality (AV and general) was fantastic. Two great shows.

Arrested Development: Season 1 - What a terrific show that only gets better when watched in rapid succession. I still haven't checked out the extras, but I've watched through most of the shows twice. Great AV quality for the funniest show on television.

Carnival: Season 1 - The most promising show since Buffy. The video quality rivals the best that DVD has to offer. The show is brilliant, if a little slow at first.

Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series - I spent the big bucks and went for the yearbook edition. It was worth every dime. It's an obvious shame this show didn't stick around for longer, but at least we have all the episodes with soooo many great extras. Bravo to Shout! for helping get this out on the market in such good quality. It was well worth the wait.

Spider-Man: The 1967 Cartoon Collection - A show that that was on, oh...about 14 years before I was born, that I always wanted to see. I was told by many that I shouldn't buy it blind, but I'm glad I did. Great Saturday morning material here. I'm so glad to have all of it on DVD.

The Bulls Dynasty - I hope this bodes well for more sports releases. I just finished watching MJ drop 6 threes in a row during the first half of 1992 game 2 last week. The quality isn't anything to write home about, but who cares...I grew up watching these games from elementary school through high school. Go Bulls!


Feb 17, 2002
1. Freaks and Geeks: The Complete Series Special Fan Edition - In my opinion the best TV release on DVD to date. I don't know what else they could include. It's all there: commentaries, outakes, deleted scenes, screen tests, behind the scenes footage, table reads etc. Plus the show one of the best of the past 20 years. If you don't own it. GET IT.
2. The Simpsons: Seasons Four and Five - Ah, The Simpsons during it's peak. Television gold. Tons of extras that are well worth the time.
3. Seinfeld: Seasons 1-3 - The infancy of the greatest sitcom of all time comes home and in great fashion. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
4. Arrested Development: Season One - The funniest show since that show about nothing in a great set. Has gotten plenty of time in my player since October.
5. Futurama: Volumes Three and Four - An amazing show that got no love from FOX presented with plenty of love by it's creators.
6. Chappelle's Show: Season One - He's rich bitch...he's also available for a good price and damn funny too.
7. Batman: The Animated Series - Batman the way he should be.
8. The Critic: The Complete Series - Great show with the involvement of the creators and great stuff like the flash episodes. Only regret is no Jon Lovitz participation.
9. Quantum Leap: Season One - Scott Backula introductions plus interviews and all the original music made this well worth the price.
10. Sliders: Dual Dimension Edition - Awesome packaging for awesome television.

Disapointment - Quantum Leap: Season Two. High retail for music substitutions and no extras.


Second Unit
Oct 13, 2003
1.Freaks & Geeks - Yearbook Edition (Low vocabulary prevents me from finding the right words to express how great this is.)

2.Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Volumes 1 & 2 (I may still get the limited edition, but I couldn't wait to see the episodes, which are as entertaining as they ever were.)

3.Flintstones - Complete First Season (All-time favorite animated series, highly anticipated dvd release didn't disappoint.)

4.24 - Season Three (Just finished it. Kiefer Sutherland is god.)

5.Arrested Development - Season One (See what Matt Stone said. I concur.)

6.Seinfeld - Seasons 1 & 2 (I have yet to crack open the season three set. Believe it or not, this was a blind buy for me.)

7.Three's Company - Season Three (Pretty decent bonus features, plus I never get tired of watching the show.)

8.Good Times - Complete Third Season (If for no other reason, it's a show I grew up with and still love. Season three's release just months after season two was an encouraging sign that the rest of the series is on the way.)

9.Afterschool Specials 1974-1976, 1976-1977 (Despite the horrible picture quality, it's unlikely we'd see these again if it weren't for dvd and who wouldn't want to see Kristy McNichol or Melissa Sue Anderson again?)

10.Diff'rent Strokes - Complete First Season (The show seems funnier than I remember, young Gary Coleman had great comic timing.)

Gary OS

Senior HTF Member
Feb 2, 2004
Real Name
Good question, Casey! I'll state right off the bat that my list will certainly be weighted heavily in the direction of what are my favorite shows period. I'll give some consideration to extra's and so forth, but for the most part these are just the ones I got most excited about this past year.

1. The Dick Van Dyke Show - Seasons 3 - 5. Image just went above and beyond the call of duty with the entire series! I think it's easily the best overall dvd set released - period. From the packaging, to the audio and video quality, to the extras, to everything - this collection is hands down the standard by which all dvd sets should be measured.

2. The Andy Griffith Show - Season 1

3. Jonny Quest - The Complete Series

4. The Flintstones - Seasons 1 & 2

5. I Love Lucy - Season 2

6. Have Gun, Will Travel - Season 1

7. The Munsters - Season 1

8. Land of the Lost - Seasons 1 & 2

9. Lost in Space - Season 1

Tied for 10th:

Abbott & Costello Show - Vol. 9-13

Road to Avonlea - Season 4

Lassie - 50th Anniversary Collection
Great set to get an overview of all the different owners of the collie in her many incarnations.


Senior HTF Member
Apr 1, 2000
1. Wonder Woman: Season One
2. The Twilight Zone: Definitive Edition- Season One
3. The Flintstones: Season One
4. I Love Lucy: Season Two
5. The Thorn Birds
6. Dallas: Season One
7. Seinfeld
8. Green Acres
9. Gilligan's Island: Season One (I think it was this year.)
10. Ed Sullivan Presents The Beatles


Stunt Coordinator
Sep 8, 2004
My personal Top10 DVD releases this year (in no particular order, just the shows I enjoyed watching the most):

Arrested Development Season 1
The Shield Season 2
Nip/Tuck Season 1
Buffy Season 6
Buffy Season 7
Angel Season 3
Angel Season 4
Dead Like Me Season 1
Alias Season 3
Columbo Season 1


Stunt Coordinator
Feb 15, 2004
1. The Simpsons - Season 5
2. The Simpsons - Season 4
3. Chappelle's Show - Season 1
4. Futurama - Volume 3
5. Futurama - Volume 4
6. Saved by the Bell - Seasons 3 & 4
7. Boy Meets World - Season 2
8. Married with Children - Season 2
9. South Park - Season 4
10. South Park - Season 5

Bryan Ri

Jan 31, 2004
NYC Area
Real Name
I'm going to have to make my list a top 5:

1. Simpsons Seasons 4 & 5: The sheer fact that we finally got two of these out in the same year with no delays is a miracle. Some of my all time favorites are on these sets, coupled with top notch extras. As always with the Simpsons releases, the commentariers are a real treat as well.

2. Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vol 2: I watch these as much as any DVD that I own; fun extras and great A/V quality make this set one of the year's best. I'm waiting on Vol. 3 for Christmas, but I'm sure that will be no different than the others in terms of quality.

3. Seinfeld Seasons 1-3: Is there anything else that could've been on these sets that they didn't put on? Can't wait for more to come out.

4. Batman TAS: Not a whole lot in terms of extras, but I was glad just to see the set come out.

5. Yankeeography Vol. 2: Yea these docs air every other day on the YES network, but the extras are really touching for me as a life long Yankees fan.

Most anticipated for 2005:
- Hopefully two more seasons of The Simpsons
- As much Seinfeld as possible.
- The Brak Show!
- Batman Vol 2 and Superman Vol 1

Hoping for in 2005:
- I wouldn't mind seeing Are You Afraid of the Dark make it's way out.


Senior HTF Member
Jul 17, 2000
Upstate NY
Real Name
My top 10:

1. Greg the Bunny Complete Series I caught a few episodes when they aired and liked what I saw. I never thought it would make it to DVD but enjoyed it even more when watching it on DVD
2. Simpsons Seasons 4 & 5 - Great seasons of a great show, with terrific extras. I've only watched the first disc of S5 so far, but the 1 S5 commentary I've listened to so far (the season premiere) was hilarious.
3. Seinfeld Gift Set - It's Seinfeld, enough said. And the wealth of extras is amazing - and the Notes About Nothing are pretty informative
4. The Critic The Complete Series - Great show with some nice extras. Just a shame Jon Lovitz couldn't participate in any of them.
5. Futurama Volumes 3 & 4 - 2 great sets to end a hilarious animated series
6. Jetsons Season 1 (Complete Original Series) - One of my favorites growing up as a kid. I used to watch it every morning before going to school. Great to be able to own them on DVD.
7. All in the Family 3 - Classic show and the best season to be released on DVD yet. If only they were getting released quicker.
8. 24 Season 3 - Great set that provides terrific insight on the show
9. Flintstones 1&2 - Another favorite as a kid, but not as high up as Jetsons. Looking forward to season 3 in March (4 days before my B-day) for the birth of Pebbles. My niece looks just like Pebbles, red hair and all (especially when her hair's up).
10. ALF Season 1 - My all-time favorite show from my childhood. Great to have it on DVD. Would have challenged for the #1 spot, except for...

Biggest Disappointment: ALF Season 1 - ...having the syndicated episodes. Although disappointing, not a dealbreaker for me because I hadn't seen the episodes in years so I wouldn't have even noticed it if not for sites like this bringing it up. It's just good to have the show on DVD at all to bring back childhood memories. I think it's a great set other than that.


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 12, 2004
1. Friends Seasons 7 & 8
2. The Golden Girls Season 1
3. Survivor All-Stars
4. Best of Here's Lucy
5. Reba Season 1
6. 227 Season 1
7. The Simpsons Seasons 4&5
8. Good Times Season 3
9. Home Improvement Season 1
10. The Osbournes 2 1/2

Biggest Disappointment: Overall trend toward lazyness in package design and content. Who thought overlapping DVDs in a DVD case was a good idea? Who thought we wouldn't notice or care about cut episodes? Also disappointed that Here's Lucy was only a best of release. The Lucy Show and Here's Lucy season sets in '05 please!


Stunt Coordinator
Dec 23, 2004
1. Knight Rider Season 1 (nobody's mentioned this yet, I think it's sweet.)
2. Simpsons season 5 (the space episode...'nuff said)
3. Simpsons season 4 (some great ones in here)
4. Flintstones season 2 (I grew up with some of these episodes as a kid, can't beat that)
5. Flintstones season 1 (where it all began...)
6. Any Futurama season
7. Garfield Holiday Celebrations (I love Garfield and grew up with these episodes, excellent)
8. Garfield and Friends Vol. 1
9. Garfield and Friends Vol. 2
10. Alf season 1 (despite the episodes being cut, I still love the show)

2005 looks to be great for new releases, I can't wait.

Dane Marvin

Jul 21, 2003
1. Freaks & Geeks: The Complete Series: It's generally difficult to get into a show that you know will only last for 18 episodes, but this is the exception to the rule. The show contained some of the funniest as well as the most heart-breaking moments I've ever seen on television. But the reason it tops the list year is the DVD presentation. Beautiful packaging, several more audio commentaries than there are episodes (with nearly every major contributor to the show participating at some point), tons of deleted scenes and gag reels, great easter eggs, and the option to the buy an ultra-special limited edition with two extra discs and a beautiful yearbook. Wow, Shout! Factory. Just... wow.

2. Twilight Zone: The Definitive Season 1: Don't think that just because I am listing this way up here that I've already obtained a copy for myself. This is, in fact, my favorite show of all-time and I'm so psyched to pick this up on the 28th, and I don't expect to be disappointed. Sure, they've released the episodes a few times before already, but DVD is a collector's format (thank you very much) and upgrades are imminent. But at least this upgrade isn't a superficial one: remastered transfers and audio, isolated scores, Rod Serling's next week teasers, and audio commentaries from cast/crew involved with the show. I sold my 5 collector's set about 9 months ago in anticipation of this, so it'd better be good enough to reach #2 on the list. ;)

3. American Dreams: Season One [Extended Music Edition]: A diamond in the rough as far as Universal Studios TV releases go. What drew me in was the lure unique and brilliant packaging, that all the music was intact, and the musical performances would be extended. That and the fact that I am a pop culture nut and wanted to see pop stars of today impersonating the stars of yesteryear . Neither the show nor the DVD disappoint. Well-written characters and more references to 60s life than you can shake a stick at. It's like The Wonder Years about 5 years earlier but with a female lead and a lot more Bandstand. Extra features include vintage clips from American Bandstand itself and a news retrospective with NBC's Brian Williams.

4. Seinfeld: Seasons 1 & 2: If you hadn't guessed by now, I am a big stickler for packaging. While the one-dimensional photos of the set on Amazon did nothing for me, the box itself is fantastic. As for the set, I can't really think of a mistake. Nearly every episode features an "Inside Look" segment, which can last anywhere from 2 to 6 or 7 minutes. These are full of interviews and stories about the making of each show. You can even "Play All" and watch them all at once. There is also a very extensive documentary that I really enjoyed, as all the major (and lots of minor) players are participating. Gotta love the gag reels as well. Not a damn thing wrong with the set. The episodes are uncut and in production order, just as they should be.

5. Futurama: Volume 4: This show, which I actually like better than The Simpsons, closes out its run on DVD with a fantastic release. Absolutely stunning video presentation, a lot of which is due to the amazing animators who worked on the show. Commentaries on all episodes is another major selling point, especially since they are sometimes as funny as the episodes themselves. The easter egg table read is a must-find as well.

6. The Simpsons: The Complete Fourth Season: Fox keeps turning out the best product possible for this show, once again treating us to commentaries on all episodes (this time with Conan O'Brien even!) as well as deleted scenes and lots of other interesting extras. I just can't watch the syndicated versions anymore.

7. Carnivale: Season One: Would rate higher if it were about $20 less expensive. That said, it's packaged like a book from around the same time which the show takes place (1934) and edges out LOTR: ROTK EE for best-looking DVD package of the year in my book. Video/audio are phenomenal on this release. The story itself is more like a movie than a show, as episodes are rarely serialized. In short, if you didn't watch from the beginning of the series, you will be completely lost if you try to watch season 2 in January. There are about 6,000 questions I have about the show, which is a must-own for any Stephen King fan (no, this isn't his work, but it has his influence all over it). I just hope the answers are there by the time the show finishes its run.

8. Arrested Development: Season 1: Funniest, quirkiest sitcom since Seinfeld. It only took one episode for Arrested to develop its own distinctive style. If you haven't picked this up already, you should. It's low-priced and the special features are excellent (including a Q&A at the Television of Museum & Radio). The real star is the show itself. Fantastic ensemble cast, insurmountable wit, and observational humor galore. Buy it!

9. The West Wing: The Complete Second Season: The show itself is so good that even a poor release -- as long as it was for the DVD format -- would have cracked the top ten. And as good as the first season was, this is the best season in the show's run. Sorkin's brilliant writing, Schlamme's brilliant production, and the casts incredible performances blend perfectly. The two-part season opener should be regarded as one of the best episodes of any show ever. Warner is consistent with the packaging and continues to release the episodes on DVD-18s, which I frankly have no opinion on. While there could be more extra features than we're getting -- the audio commentaries are very entertaining. They keep securing a couple new people from the cast each time around to do some commentaries.

10. The Dick Van Dyke Show: Seasons 3-5: Refer all questions about the entire series on DVD to David VP. ;)

John McM

Second Unit
Oct 26, 2004
1. Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 6 & Season 7 Although the latter seasons don't quite get held in the same esteem that the earlier years get, I loved this show until the very end. And I'm glad to get it all out.
2. The Simpsons: Season 4 & Season 5
Two of the very best Simpsons seasons available the same year! Keep up the good work Matt
3. Roswell: Season 1 & Season 2
Despite missing music, this show is tailor made for DVD and it's great discovering it (I'd seen some episodes before, but not on a regular basis, but knew it'd be something I'd love on DVD) through DVD, cannot wait for season 3!
4. Popular: First Season
Underrated as hell. As a fan of camp comedy, this show is perfect. A shame it only lasted two seasons.
5. Taxi: Season 1
Despite a lack of extras, it's still one of the funniest shows ever, and having the uncut episodes sweetens the deal.
6. Happy Days: Season 1
Since Paramount = no extras, who cares? Early Happy Days is the best, and the episodes run nearly to 25 minutes. Bring on seasons 2 and 3!
7. South Park: Season 4
The debut of TIMMY!!!! Need I say more? Can't wait for season 5.
8. Diff'rent Strokes: Season 1
One of my fave shows as a kid, and still holds up well as an adult. Get over the stigma associated with the show and watch it for what it was. Gary Coleman was a great talented comic actor who is underappreciated. Hope we see more of this show, at least up through season 6.
9. Arrested Development: Season 1
One of the best comedies in recent memory and is deserving of the Emmys it won. Fox went out of it's way to give it a great DVD.
10. Wonder Woman: Season 1
All the world's been waiting for her, and the power she possesses.

close but no cigar:
227: Season 1
There's no place like home. Considering the show hasn't been very stable in syndication, DVD is very nice to have.
Sex And The City: Season 6 pt. 1
Maybe if both halves of season 6 came out together, it would've made the top 10. Love the show, but the last season was kind of a downer compared to what it once was.
Ellen: Season 1
First season is funny but I don't think the show's magic yet was there like it was in season 2.
Charlie's Angels: Season 2
The debut of Kris. Yes, it's fluff, but it's great fluff. Hope season 3 will be on the 2005 horizon.

anticipated DVD's for 2005 making their debuts
Simon And Simon
The Facts Of Life (it might.. and if it does, I'm there)
Desperate Housewives (I think it's pretty obvious we'll see this show on DVD in the last half of 2005)

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