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Your thoughts on Kino-Lorber Blu-rays (3 Viewers)


Jun 23, 2006
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Robert M. Grippo
The Nun's Story and If... are not Paramount.
And The Bridges at Toko-Ri, The Country Girl, and The Naked Jungle only if they're OAR, please. Get it right once and for all!
Will all the Martin and Lewis films be re-released?


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Jul 31, 2003
All for "The Naked Jungle". As its 1954 it shouldn't be 1:33 as its always appeared on TV and home video but what is it supposed to be? They should include the radio play with William Conrad, as Leiningen, who was also in the film as the Commissioner . Based on the short story "Leiningen Versus the Ants" there was no mail order bride in the original story.

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Nov 26, 2020
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Gary Gerani
All for "The Naked Jungle". As its 1954 it shouldn't be 1:33 as its always appeared on TV and home video but what is it's supposed to be? They should include the radio play with William Conrad, as Leiningen, who was also in the film as the Commissioner . Based on the short story "Leiningen Versus the Ants" there was no mail order bride in the original story.

Paramount films of 1954 were 1:66 (see REAR WINDOW). When VistaVision came along at the end of the year (WHITE CHRISTMAS), the aspect ratio changed to 1.85.


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Dec 11, 2001
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Roland Lataille
For VistaVision films.

Alan Tully

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Feb 19, 2008
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Paint Your Wagon would be a day of release purchase for me!
Me too! I also agree with Jim, it is a train wreck, but I really like it (I like a lot of not so good films, & dislike a lot of masterpieces). Thank god this has Lee Marvin in it, he saves the film. So…Paint Your Wagon please, it should have been released on Blu-ray years ago.
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Oct 15, 2021
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wouldn't mind seeing Blu-ray releases on some of the A.C. Lyles westerns from the 60's. There were thirteen of them produced between 1964 and 1968 (all in color). And each one serves as a nostalgic round-up of faces familiar from the 40's and 50's, Including Dana Andrews, Jane Russell, Howard Keel, Linda Darnell, Dale Robertson, Virginia Mayo, George Montgomery and Yvonne De Carlo. Not to mention venerable western icons like Don "Red" Barry, Bob Steele and Fuzzy Knight. My favorite's "Apache Trail" from '65 with Rory Calhoun, John Russell and Corinne Calvet, all still in great form.
Make that "Apache Uprising". "Apache Trail" is a 1942 film from MGM (also good) with William Lundigan and Lloyd Nolan. The studio remade it in '52 with Robert Horton and Gilbert Roland as "Apache War Smoke". And that one's good too.


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Mar 29, 2020
Hamster Shire
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There are a few select pre-1949 Paramount titles still with Paramount like "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers" (1946). Another example is "I Walk Alone" (1946) that Kino previously released on Blu-ray during a prior Paramount agreement.

Another -- one I'd love to see on blu-ray -- is The Miracle of Morgan's Creek (1944), directed by Preston Sturges.

There are a lot of (probably too many) post-1949 Paramount titles that I'd love to see from Kino. The one at the top of my list would be Blake Edwards' Gunn (1967), his Peter Gunn theatrical film with Craig Stevens. Back when Kino had its previous Paramount deal, I had asked the Insider (might've been a previous Insider, Mr. Lime) at The Other Site about the possibility of Gunn, and they'd said it wasn't available. It would be nice if that's changed.

The other question I have is whether Kino will be able to do their own mastering, or will be required to use whatever Paramount gives them. We're all well too aware that Paramount isn't always at the top of their game with new masters.

On edit: I see from t1g3r5fan's post that Gunn is a no-go. Sigh.
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Andrew Budgell

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Mar 12, 2002
Ontario, Canada
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Andy Budgell
Is KL still releasing StudioCanal films?

If so, I hope they'll consider licensing Franco Zeffirelli's Young Toscanini, starring C. Thomas Howell and Elizabeth Taylor, for Blu-ray. It was never released theatrically in the United States, and there has never been an English-language disc release.

They seem to have two different cuts of the film. The theatrical cut, and a three x 52-minute episode mini-series version.



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Oct 15, 2021
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Found the listing (by a user under the handle bruceames). These are the Paramount titles (1929-1949) that they did not sell to Universal. Some of these are no longer owned by Paramount for various reasons: some have fallen into the Public Domain for one reason or another, some are non-US titles that Paramount distributed to the US market. The list is hidden by a spoiler tag to reduce the size of the post.

I should have remembered some of these (like Samson and Delilah or Sorry, Wrong Number).

1929 The Dance of Life
1929 Glorifying the American Girl
1929 The Letter
1929 Welcome Danger
1930 The Blue Angel
1930 Feet First
1930 With Byrd At the South Pole
1931 Fighting Caravans
1931 The Smiling Lieutenant
1931 Tabu: A Story of the South Seas
1932 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
1932 A Farewell to Arms
1932 Make Me a Star
1933 His Double Life
1933 M
1933 One Sunday Afternoon
1933 The Story of Temple Drake
1933 To the Last Man
1935 Hop-a-Long Cassidy
1935 The Rocky Mountain Mystery
1935 Scrooge
1936 The Milky Way
1936 Murder With Pictures
1937 Bulldog Drummond Comes Back
1937 Bulldog Drummond Escapes
1937 Bulldog Drummond's Revenge
1937 Swing High, Swing Low
1938 The Beachcomber
1938 Born to the West
1938 The Buccaneer
1938 Bulldog Drummond in Africa
1938 Bulldog Drummond's Peril
1938 Sidewalks of London
1939 Arrest Bulldog Drummond
1939 Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police
1939 The Gracie Allen Murder Case
1939 Gulliver's Travels
1939 Honeymoon in Bali
1939 Jamaica Inn
1941 Mr. Bug Goes to Town
1942 The Avengers
1943 Aerial Gunner
1943 Submarine Alert
1944 The Memphis Belle
1944 The Miracle of Morgan's Creek
1944 One Body Too Many
1945 Midnight Manhunt
1945 The Stork Club
1946 The Strange Love of Martha Ivers
1946 Swamp Fire
1947 Fear in the Night
1947 The Perils of Pauline
1947 Road to Rio
1948 I Walk Alone
1948 Sorry, Wrong Number
1949 Dear Wife
1949 The Great Lover
1949 Manhandled
1949 My Friend Irma
1949 Red, Hot and Blue
1949 Rope of Sand
1949 Samson and Delilah
1949 Top O' the Morning
This list of pre-50's Paramount titles that may still be controlled by Paramount could help with the guessing game of what Kino might be releasing on Blu from their new deal. There are apparently no 30's titles and only two 40's ones in the Kino deal. If neither of the 40's ones are from Republic, then I'm guessing "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek" is almost a certainty. After that probably Stanwyck's "Sorry Wrong Number" or "The Strange Love of Martha Ivers"

I did read once that Universal didn't pick up Mitchell Leisen's elaborate Renaissance melodrama "Bride of Vengeance" from 1949. But I don't see it on the above list.
Paulette Goddard plays Lucrezia Borgia but performance-wise it's Macdonald Carey as her scheming brother Cesare who steals the picture. What a criminally under-rated and versatile actor! I don't ever recall seeing a Carey performance I didn't like. John Lund makes his usual bland impression as the nominal hero but another John (Sutton - who often played villains {he's great menacing Tyrone Power in "Captain from Castile"} ) goes against type and plays a happy-go-lucky sort. He's not around long (an occupational hazard when you're hanging out with the Borgias) but he's fun while he's there. And of course with Mitchell Leisen in charge, costumes and sets are marvelous.
Can anyone confirm the ownership status of this film? Would love to think it has some kind of a shot at eventual Blu-ray release.
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May 29, 2012
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Lou Antonicello
Can we make suggestions about the Paramount deal here?
If so Smoky, Elvis films , The Undefeated,

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