Your official eyewitness report of the "Attack of the Crab Monsters" DVD.

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    Against my better judgment, I did place an order with Amazon for the "Attack of the Crab Monsters" DVD. As a devoted fan of Monster Movies, I decided I couldn't live without it. I knew it probably would be of dreadful quality but the cover looked good and if worse came to worse, I would have a nice $18.24 DVD cover.
    When the December 3rd released date arrived, Amazon immediately put this title on "back order". My guess at that time would be that I would never see this one. But lo and behold it arrived in my mailbox today.
    Is it as bad as everyone predicted it would be?
    Not really. Don't get me wrong, this DVD will never make any 10 best lists but if you will expect the worst, you might be pleasantly surprised.
    Here's the good news:
    The packaging is excellent with great artwork. It comes in a clear keeper box with the insert printed on both sides which means you can see additional artwork when you open it up. The disc itself has a nice picture printed on it.
    There are a few supplements. A nice original trailer and a very short "slide show" with stills and an original ad.
    The best news is that it is the original print and not one of those horrendous Allied Artists TV prints where they slowed the speed down and inserted a new prologue with extracted scenes from the movie itself. They did this to artificially lengthen the running time to fit better in a 90 minute TV slot with commercials.
    Now the bad news:
    This DVD is very obviously transferred direct from a video tape. You can see tracking adjustment lines at the beginning and there are tape dropouts galore. I am guessing that this might have been taken off the official Allied Artists video release of the late 70's. I used to have this tape. Allied Artists was one of the first studios to release home videos. I also used to have "The Babe Ruth Story" prerecorded. But Allied Artists was on it's last days and the company and their videos went belly-up around the same time.
    Due to the fact it's from a video tape, it looks pretty lame with poor contrast and hissy sound. But it's watchable as long as you realize this is not an authorized release and please don't expect to see major studio quality. If this was priced at $9.98 it would fit in nicely with other budget lines. But it has a list of $24.98 and I think Amazon is the only one in the world who is selling this at the moment. So, it's kind of a collector's item already.
    My "Day of the Triffids" DVD is also on the way to me now from Amazon. This has an aspect ratio of 2.35 and if the DVD is letterboxed, I will faint.
    The "Crab" and "Triffids" DVD's are released by "Allied Artists Classics", whoever they are. They have a website listed on the back cover ( but when you go there it says that it is "under construction".
    This DVD is recommended for serious Monster Movie aficionados only.
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    Thanks for the info! I'd have purchased this DVD. I think it's a fun movie...I mean, giant telepathic crab monsters? And the only person who can save the world is the Professor from Gilligan's Island! I'm there, man!

    Now I see that I can just hang onto my Allied Artists VHS tape.


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