Your Favorite Ten TV Shows of ALL Time

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Roy Wall, May 25, 2012.

  1. RickER

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    I really didnt care the bright LA look the show had when it moved. But, to be fair, i did not finish the season. I was never a fan of the conspiracy storyline. It seemed to go all over the place, and never quite worked, for me.
    If you say season 6 is good, maybe i should revisit it. Beyond that, i bet i only saw 5 or 6 episodes. And they SUCKED!
    For example...
    A movie based on the antics of Mulder and Scully. I remember it had Dechoney's wife.
    A kid that made everything like The Brady Bunch, including his house.
    The final episode. I didn't get it. I must have missed too much after i stopped watching.
    I might have seen a few Robert Patrick episodes, but i really do not remember them. I think one had the shape changing alien assassin. But, once again, alien conspiracy stuff, and i was lost by then.
    I would love to check out a few gem episodes from later seasons. I just don't want it to spoil the stuff i know i like (if you know what i mean).
  2. Steve Armbrust

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    Jan 6, 1999
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    I'll take a shot, but after #1, the order is subject to change.
    1. Friday Night Lights
    2. Mad Men
    3. Fringe
    4. West Wing
    5. Star Trek TNG
    6. The Sopranos
    7. 24
    8. Smothers Brothers
    9. The Avengers
    10. Breaking Bad
    Couldn't quite fit Rescue Me in, and I'm sure I forgot something else really good.
  3. Gary OS

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    Okay, here's my latest self-imposed challenge: I'm going to find at least one show off everyone's list thus far that I could consider a "favorite" of mine (no repeats allowed). Let's see how this shakes out.

    Roy = Naked City
    Theodore = I Love Lucy
    Travis = The Twilight Zone
    Jack = Dick Van Dyke Show
    WaveCrest = The Incredible Hulk
    mattCR stumped me, although I've heard good things about Firefly from a good friend of mine. But since I've yet to dive into that series I can't in fairness choose it.
    Walter = Columbo
    Jeff*H = Hawaii-Five O
    DaveHof = Ozzie & Harriet
    Lee = The Honeymooners
    GMBurns = Father Dowling
    Howie = Adventures of Superman
    John Hermes = Combat
    Brent = Andy Griffith Show
    Peter = Fugitive
    Richard = The Rifleman
    David Weicker = Doctor Who (if we are talking the Hartnell/Troughton era, if not I'm stumped)
    Patrick = Flintstones
    Steve O = Lone Ranger
    Scott = Gunsmoke
    Rick = Harry O
    RickER = Six Million Dollar Man
    Henry = Barnaby Jones
    Kasey = The Donna Reed Show
    Mark = Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
    Regulus = Lassie
    Steve Armbrust stumped me too. Sorry.

    Gary "that was fun" O.
  4. Ethan Riley

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    Oct 12, 2005
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    I don't know what my favorite shows really are, so I'm going to have to go with repeat viewings:
    1.) I Love Lucy
    2.) Bewitched
    3.) Dynasty
    4.) Lost in Space
    5.) Mama's Family
    6.) South Park
    7.) Star Trek TOS
    8.) The Big Valley
    9.) 3rd Rock from the Sun
    10.) Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    --Weird list! But I like stuff from all genres and all eras.
  5. JohnMor

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    Mar 6, 2004
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    John Moreland
    Hard to pick just ten, but if forced to... in alphabetical order:

    Alfred Hitchcock Presents
    All in the Family
    The Avengers
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    Dark Shadows
    The Dick Van Dyke Show
    I Love Lucy
    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    Lots of other great shows bubbling just under these, of course.
  6. BobO'Link

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    May 3, 2008
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    Neat idea Gary! I'll give it a shot just for kicks! :)
    Roy = Mission Impossible: Seasons 1-3 - I'd probably include S4 just for the first season with Nimoy.
    Theodore = Mister Ed
    Travis = Seinfeld
    Jack = Dick Van Dyke Show
    WaveCrest = The X Files
    mattCR = BlackAdder
    Walter = Battlestar Galactica (new version)
    Jeff*H = Sledge Hammer!
    DaveHof = The Donna Reed Show
    Lee = The Odd Couple
    GMBurns = The Avengers (but only if we're talking the Emma Peel years - otherwise Diagnosis Murder)
    Gary = Leave it to Beaver
    John Hermes = Get Smart
    Brent = Cheers
    Peter = Rawhide
    Richard = I Love Lucy
    David Weicker = Babylon 5
    Patrick = Lost in Space - Especially S1
    Steve O = Lone Ranger
    Scott = I Dream of Jeannie
    Rick = Remington Steele
    RickER = Space: 1999
    Henry = WKRP in Cincinnati
    Kasey = Bewitched
    Mark = Star Trek Deep Space Nine
    Regulus = Get Smart
    Steve Armbrust = Smothers Brothers
    Ethan = 3rd Rock from the Sun
    John = Alfred Hitchcock Presents
    That was harder than it sounds and took a bit of shuffling/going back to re-select on a few. I also included my posted "Top 25" in the "no repeats" clause.
  7. TravisR

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    Nov 15, 2004
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    The basement of the FBI building
    Rick, you might like S6 of The X-Files more than you realize.
    That episode is 'Hollywood A.D.' from S7.
    That's 'Sunshine Days' from S9.
    That's 'X-COPS' from S7. In my estimation, that's probably the best episode of that year but alot of XF comedy episodes are controversial amongst fans.
    They tried to explain and confirm a ton of different story threads with that last episode and if you weren't up on your XF lore, you probably got left behind and understandably ended up being bored by alot of the episode. It does have some really big action sequences (that are still really big by today's standards and were MASSIVE for a TV show in 2002) but it's not the great ending that I would have hoped for. After 9 years, I'm glad that they took the time to lay the conspiracy plot out a little more explicitly than usual but those scenes don't make for the most exciting viewing. The last scene with Mulder and Scully is really nice though and a cool echo of a similar scene in the pilot.
    Not all of S6 is gold (you probably want to avoid episodes like The Rain King, Arcadia, Alpha and Trevor if you want to keep those memories of the golden years) but the show still had some life in it so you might want to take a look if you're bored some time and have a Netflix account.
  8. MattPeriolat

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    Jul 20, 2004
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    Pick ten? It's impossible because they all tend to be so diverse. Plus it really isn't fair to compare 1950s I Love Lucy to 2000s Lost or Sopranos. Different timeframes, different themes, different presentations.

    In no particular order, my favorites are:

    - I Love Lucy
    - Twilight Zone
    - Star Trek
    - Lost
    - Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    - Star Trek: The Next Generation
    - Mystery Science Theater 3000
    - Westinghouse Studio One
    - Perry Mason
    - Law and Order

    Just off my cuff. Most of them could change in the morning.
  9. tvgreats

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    Oct 11, 2010
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    Great lists so far. As many have mentioned, very hard to narrow it down to just 10, but something that is really fun to do. Here is my list:

    1. The Honeymooners
    2. McHale's Navy
    3. The Bob Newhart Show
    4. The Dick Van Dyke Show
    5. Magnum P.I.
    6. Sgt. Bilko
    7. All in the Family
    8. Andy Griffith Show
    9. Hawaii Five-O (original)
    10. Green Acres

    Honorable mention: Gunsmoke, Mannix, Cheers, Kojak, Dallas, Wild Wild West, Petticoat Junction, and the Mary Tyler Moore Show.
  10. Ian K McLachlan

    Ian K McLachlan Second Unit

    Aug 19, 2006
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    Ian Kenneth McLachlan
    My top ten would be -
    1. Doctor Who
    2. Adam Adamant Lives!
    3. Lost in Space
    4. U.F.O. (Gerry Anderson)
    5. Land of the Giants
    6. Babylon 5
    7. The Prisoner
    8. The Avengers
    9. Prisoner Cell Block H
    10. Department S
  11. Jeff*H

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    Jun 10, 2004
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    Upon revisiting my list (post #10), I realized that I had no black & white shows on my list, which is an inaccurate representation given my love for so many shows of that era. Here they are:
    Addams Family
    Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (early seasons with Thorny)
    The Lone Ranger
    Gilligan's Island (b/w season is my fave)
    The Rifleman
    Burns & Allen
    Dobie Gillis (Bob Denver makes the list twice)
    Leave It to Beaver (early seasons)
    The Fugitive
    I'm Dickens, He's Fenster (John Astin makes the list twice)
  12. Gary OS

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    Feb 2, 2004
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    Good for you, Jeff.

    I actually like the b/w season of Gilligan's Island too.

    Gary "very well done, my friend" O.
  13. MattPeriolat

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    Jul 20, 2004
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    Ugh, I'm an idiot. I forgot one of my all time favorite shows and one I am surprised has not shown up on more lists:

    - The Walt Disney anthology series (Disneyland/Walt Disney Presents/Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color/Wonderful World of Disney/Disney Sunday Night Movie).
  14. Walter Kittel

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    Dec 28, 1998
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    Following up on Gary's idea (because these types of lists are invariably fun to create).
    Picks from everyone else's choices (apologies if I miss anyone):
    Roy - The Andy Griffith Show
    Mike - The Wonder Years
    Travis - The Wire
    Jack P - The Avengers
    WaveCrest - Twin Peaks
    MattCR - MST3K
    Jeff - The Six Million Dollar Man
    DaveHof - Bewitched (haven't watched this in ages.)
    FanCollector - Barney Miller
    Glenn Burns - The Fugitive
    Gary OS - Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
    Howie - Monty Python's Flying Circus (which really should have made my top 10 list.)
    John - Hogan's Heroes
    Brent - Get Smart
    Peter - The Addams Family (original)
    Richard - The X-Files (another close but no cigar on my top ten.)
    David - Dr. Who (Tom Baker version for me)
    Patrick - Space 1999
    Steve - NCIS (somewhere in a list of top 20 shows for me.)
    Scott - All in the Family
    Rick Thompson - Hill Street Blues
    RickER - Farscape (great series)
    Henry - Harry O
    Kasey - Charlie's Angels (the original series, I hope. :) )
    Mark - Mannix
    William - Dragnet
    Steve - The Smothers Brothers (excellent choice)
    Ethan - Buffy The Vampire Slayer
    John - Alfred Hitchcock Presents
    Matt - Star Trek TNG
    tvgreats - The Bob Newhart Show
    Ian - The Prisoner
    An interesting challenge to find non-overlapping shows that I can honestly attest to having viewed and enjoyed.
    - Walter.
  15. MattPeriolat

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    Jul 20, 2004
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    I was just thinking... imagine if the forum were to have a convention where we all bring our collections and just have screening parties for three to four days. I shudder to think of the arguments that might break out over what we all would watch next and what show was better than what, but, oh what fun it would be and what a fantastic way to celebrate and inspire others in our hobby of choice.
  16. Regulus

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    Nov 7, 2006
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    William Hughes
    That's a Great Idea! :D We need to form a DVD Collectors Organization and hold a Convention somewhere each year.
    Now what should we call ourselves? :huh:
  17. Richard V

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    May 14, 2009
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    Wow, bringing my collection would involve renting a large moving van. :laugh:
  18. Peter M Fitzgerald

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    Mar 21, 1999
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    Peter Fitzgerald
    "The Secret Order of the Glazed Eyeball'?
    Members could wear fez hats emblazened with a bloodshot variation of the CBS logo, topped with rabbit-ear antennae. The password phrase to get in: "Please Stand By". :laugh:
  19. MattPeriolat

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    Jul 20, 2004
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    *bites back a joke about CBS not that interested in classic TV anymore* Sorry, it is kind of true.

    The reason why the idea came to me is, let's face it, we all love having our private collections of material. But it's kind of a closed loop in as much as we are rewarding only ourselves. That's great, but the hobby inevitably will die with us if we do not pass it on. Since Nick at Nite, TV Land and most other forms of syndication have gone the way of the dodo, maybe going the private convention/meeting/screening is the way to go. Do that, get enough people coming, maybe someday (fantasy in the nursery time here) invite reps from media groups to come and see physical representation for the support of some of these programs. Would also be a way to collect donations for those going a more private route like what is being attempted with Ozzie and Harriet and Donna Reed.

    By the way, symbol should be the old round test pattern. Remember those?
  20. bretmaverick2

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    May 18, 2009
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    Tom Hunter
    Dark Shadows
    Boston Legal
    Sanford and Son
    Still Standing
    Two and a Half Men
    Mission Impossible
    The Big Bang Theory
    Law & Order: Criminal Intent
    Kind of a varied list, eh??

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