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Carl Miller

Mar 17, 2002
Just tossing this one out here. I'm curious as to which less popular or lesser known albums by your favorite groups you'd recommend. Like the ones everyone doesn't have.

For example, most people who like Pink Floyd have Dark Side, The Wall, Wish You Were Here and maybe Animals. But Meddle is a terrific Floyd album many Floyd fans don't have.

Others that I can think of offhand are:

Soundgarden: Badmotorfinger

Smashing Pumpkins: Pisces Iscariot

Fleetwood Mac: Anything pre-Rumors (bluesy and quite good IMO)

Zen Butler

Senior HTF Member
Jan 24, 2002
Southern, Ca
Real Name
Zen K. Butler
most acknowledge

Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation", some equally good albums :

"Sister", "Washing Machine".

U2 "Joshua Tree" acknowledged, "Unforgettable Fire" overlooked.

Led Zeppelin- 4 acknowledged, "Presence" better IMO.

Rush-2112,Moving Pictures acknowledged. A Farewell to Kings and Hemispheres equal or better.

some "others"

Van Halen-"Fair Warning"

Bjork- "Homogenic"

Aphex Twin-"I care because you do"

Vangelis- "Antartica"

Tricky- "Angels with Dirty Faces"


Jeff Keene

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May 18, 2000
Beck - Mutations

Yes - Relayer

Rush - Permenant Waves

REM - Up

Erasure - I say I say I say

Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion

Mike Broadman

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Aug 24, 2001
Rush- Permanent Waves

Overshadowed by Moving Pictures, but every bit as good.

King Crimson- ConstrucKtion of Light

Their most recent studio effort and the realization of the probing experimentation of the ProjecKts. The title track alone is worth it.

Deep Purple- Fireball

Bluesier and dirtier than Machine Head, and more fun.

Bob Dylan- Another Side of Bob Dylan

A wonderfully refreshing and from album to end Dylan's "folk" period.

Yes- Relayer

Yes goes avant-garde! Very noisy and very cool.

Marillion- Anoraknophobia

Life after Brave? You bet. Best Marillion album ever.

Jethro Tull- Minstrel in the Gallery

Deeply personal lyrics and warm melodies. Shows Anderson's songwriting at his peak.

Steely Dan- Pretzel Logic

Short, snappy fun tunes, Dan style.

AC/DC- Powerage

An oft-forgotten Bon Scott album, but perfect all the way through.

Joni Mitchell- Hissing of Summer Lawns

This is where she started losing fans and gaining musical ambition. Lots of guts and talent to make this.

Frank Zappa- One Size Fits All

A rarely consistent album, with all the elements that make Zappa, well, Zappa.

Dreamtheater- Awake

The one after Images & Words, but a lot tighter.

Black Sabbath- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath

The last great Sabbath album

Al B. C

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Apr 25, 2002

Meddle is my favorite Pink Floyd album. When I was growing up you just couldn't end a night of partying without putting on Echoes.


Elvis Costello - King Of America

Thomas Dolby - The Flat Earth

Larry Seno Jr.

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Feb 28, 2002
How many albums must a band have before they can have "Other albums"?. I would consider "The Diary of Reinhold Messner" Ben Folds Five's 3rd album to be their best, most poetic, yet it only had one semi-hit single. I guess they never really broke out, but the album is incredible. If you find yourself a billy joel or tori amos fan, even elton john, you owe it to yourself to check it out, as Ben Folds is a MUCH better pianist than Tori Amos. Elton John and Billy Joel...well, they're gods.

Ron Reda

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Jul 27, 2001
Carl Miller,
Meddle is my favorite Pink Floyd album.
Back in my college days, I got heavily into Pink Floyd (I led a somewhat sheltered pre-college existence) and picked up most, if not all, of their stuff. Some of the Syd Barrett stuff was kinda "out there," but some of the older early stuff jammed. Although I most certainly enjoy Meddle, check out Obscured By Clouds...it rocks!


Who do we think I am?
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Dec 1, 1999
Gulf Coast
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Tony D.
the WHO'S ....WHO'S NEXT is their easy to pick master-piece.

but overlooked and forgotten and not even thought of at all may be MCVICAR . a soundtrack album to a rarely seen movie roger daltry appeared in.

including songs such as.

1. bitter and twisted

2. Just A Dream Away

3. Free Me (this may be close to the best daltry has ever sounded)

4. Without Your Love

it is usually listed in daltrEy's discography but the 3 living members of the WHO in 1980 were the musicians on almost every song on the album. this included KENNY JONES who was the first replacement for KIETH MOON. if you hear it you know it is a who album.

a quote from the front of the actual lp. "THE WHO FILMS PRESENTATION STARRING ROGER DALTREY"


Senior HTF Member
Jan 2, 2001
Real Name
Scott Hanson
To add to the Yes submittals:

- Close To The Edge (my favorite Yes album)

- Keys To Ascension 2 (the best thing they've done in the last 20 years - although I'm really digging 'Magnification')

Spock's Beard:

- Since no one knows about these guys, hell, all of 'em.


Jan 14, 2000
Sonic Youth's "Daydream Nation", some equally good albums :
"Sister", "Washing Machine".
Agreed. :emoji_thumbsup:
I'd also say that Meddle is as good as the later stuff, especially Echos, or as I call it, the 2001 soundtrack. ;)
NP: David Bowie "Weeping Wall"

Philip Hamm

Senior HTF Member
Jan 23, 1999
For Pink Floyd I would submit the brilliant and hugely underappreciated "The Final Cut".

For The Who I like "The Who By Numbers" which is oft overlooked, alternately "Face Dances" which is top notch in my book.

Like others on this thread I've always had a soft spot for Yes' "Relayer".

It's not my favorite by him but I love Paul McCartney's "Back To The Egg" and "Pipes of Peace" albums despite them being generally regarded as his worst efforts.

NP: King Crimson "Absent Lovers"

Andrew Chong

Supporting Actor
May 7, 2002
A favourite group of mine is the Art of Noise. They are most famous for 'Moments in Love' and 'Beatbox' from their 'Who's Afraid of the Art of Noise' album as well as their version of 'Peter Gunn' from their 'In Visible Silence' album.

The "Other" album of theirs I dig is 'Below The Waste'. It still has the spirit of the band with regard to the use of ambient sound effects to paint a sonic picture integrated within a neo-rock format, though they relied less on samplers on this one than they did on past albums.

In my opinion, this was a welcome change and eventually led them to their most recent and freer 'Seduction of Claude Debussy' album (which features the scintillating voice of fellow englishman John Hurt ('The Elephant Man', 'Alien', etc.) 'narrating' one of their tracks no less).

Fredrik E

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 5, 1999
I agree that "Meddle" is one of the best, if not the very best Pink Floyd album. "A Saucerful Of Secrets" is also very good.
Also, I think that a lot of Kraftwerk's fans would appreciate their album "Ralf & Florian" from 1973. It is out of print and have never been available on CD.
And many Depeche Mode fans will probably like Martin Gore's solo EP "Counterfeit" from 1989 if they haven't already heard it...
Also, ex-Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder's solo project Recoil have released a few great CDs. I especially like "Hydrology", "1+2", "Bloodline" and "Unsound Methods".
For the Deep Purple fans: buy the album with the song "April" on it. (I think it was on their first LP). :)
For the Judas Priest/Halford fans: buy The Fight CDs, "War Of Words" and "A Small Deadly Space". :emoji_thumbsup:

Jeff Ulmer

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Aug 23, 1998
I could fill the database with "other" albums. :)
Yes - Tales of Topographic Oceans, Close to the Edge, Relayer (and everything else from the early days)
Jethro Tull - Songs from the Wood, Stormwatch (and everything else from the early days)
Judas Priest - Everything up to Point of Entry
Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds, More, Meddle, Ummagumma (The Narrow Way)
Sabbath - Sabbath, Bloody Sabbath
Deep Purple - Burn
Heart - Magazine

Mike Broadman

Senior HTF Member
Aug 24, 2001
Phil, my understanding is that people don't look at it as a real Floyd album because it was all written by Roger Waters, so it's more like a Roger Waters solo album with members of Floyd playing. Also, I think the keyboard player was out of the band, though I'm not sure.

For many people, including myself, interest in Floyd ends with the Wall. This may be prog blasphemy, but I'm not and never have been a huge Floyd fan. I can enjoy some of their stuff once in a while. I don't get the Syd Barrett stuff at all and feel they were a complete bore before Meddle. However, I do have Ummagumma, because it contains good live versions of the a couple of good old Floyd tunes. The 2nd discs represents everything bad prog, though it's pretty funny. IMO, they got interesting when they gave up some of the psychedilic stuff in favor of actual songs. With the Wall, they started to get really whiny and obnoxious. When Waters left, they sounded like a lame dinosaur act. In the Flesh, Astronomy Domine, Shine On, Have A Cigar, Time, and the entire Animals album are still some great music, though.


Senior HTF Member
May 12, 2000
Real Name
Some others

Yes - Drama: Overlooked because it is the only Yes album that Jon Anderson doesn't sing on. Pretty good songs, tho.

Jethro Tull - J-Tull.com: Overlooked because most people think Ian Anderson's voice is shot and haven't written a good album in years. Actually, Ian has finally come to terms where his voice is and is a pretty fun album.

Rush - Rush: Overlooked because Rush was still a Zep clone at that time and Neil hadn't joined the band yet. While simplistic, it is a whole lot of fun.

Rush - Presto: Overlooked because it was a big style change at the time and people didn't react too well to it. It is probably on of Neil's strongest albums lyrically.

Marillion - Anoraknophobia: Overlooked because fans didn't like the direction of the past two albums. It is more that direction, but much better executed songs.

A-Ha - East Of The Sun, West Of The Moon: Overlooked because who listens to A-Ha anymore? Really mature album from these guys.

Def Leppard - Slang: Overlooked because they've fallen out of the limelight. A really different album for these guys. Unfortunatly, the style change didn't take.

Emerson, Lake, and Powell - S/T: Overlooked because people stopped caring about ELP after "Love Beach". A last hurrah of great songwriting from these guys.

Extreme - III Sides To Every Story: Overlooked because people realised that "More Than Words" wasn't what they usually do. A bold album with stylistic variety, including a nice suite at the end.


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