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May 9, 2002
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The 7D2 (which I also used to own) is an APS-C sensor, though, so that is really an apples to oranges comparison. When shooting distant subjects, the crop sensor will get you a lot more "pixels on target" than a comparable resolution full frame sensor. I believe the math works out that if you needed to crop a 5D3 shot with its 22MP FF sensor to get the same field of view as a 7D2, you would end up with around an 8MP image.
That's a valid point, but distant subjects is not often a priority for me in what I shoot (people and events).

I did have a 70-200 f/2.8 zoom for my APS-C bodies starting with the original Digital Rebel, but I found I didn't really enjoy using it. One was the weight, but the main problem was the extra reach, while great on the far end at 200mm, was more of a frustration at the near end of 70mm. When I learned about the Sigma 50-150mm zoom, which approximated the 70-200mm range for APS-C bodies, I gave it a try and found it much more suitable for my shooting habits and needs.

In part, this is also why I moved away from the APS-C format to full frame. Because even if I went for the latest and greatest APS-C body, I knew that there would be no latest and greatest 70-200 equivalent as the 50-150mm was the last of its breed, a concept that never really took off with APS-C shooters.

So for me, having 20MP with a full frame is not so much of a concern since I'm not often looking for the extra reach at the telephoto end.
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