Your All Time Top 10 Favorites - What's Finished and What's Left

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    Simple question: Of your all-time Top 10 favorite TV shows, what's been released on dvd? What's been released, but not finished? What's yet to see a release?


    As I was putting together yet another personal "Top 10" favorite shows list (I do this at least once a year and the list always varies just a tad) I thought it would be interesting to see where everyone is at in terms of their collections. I have to say that personally, although there are many, many shows I still want to see released, I've been pretty fortunate in that most of my most highly beloved shows have seen either full releases or at least partial releases. Admittedly, some are stalled out. And others have been destroyed by the insertion of insane background music (one guess as to which show I'm referring to here). And there has been one that's not seen any season set releases at all. But even with all that, I have to say that I feel pretty good about getting what I have.


    Here's my breakdown, with one caveat. Other than the show at the top of the list, the rest are not necessarily in order of #2 through #10. I love all these shows almost equally.

    1) The Fugitive - this will always be my favorite series of all time and I do lament the fact that the studio screwed this one up - badly! I'll never get over the music subs so while I'm thankful that we will have all four seasons of the show in pristine video quality, I can't rejoice as much as I normally would.


    2) Leave it to Beaver - completed and in great condition. Hurray!


    3) Rawhide - obviously stalled. But at least I've got 3 seasons worth thus far.


    4) Father Knows Best - only one season to go. There have been a few issues with the Shout releases though. The biggest is that the 1st season set had many syndicated episodes. Another slight frustration is that the latest 5th season set cuts off the closing credits. But overall these have been very nice releases.

    5) Perry Mason - great, great release. If only CBS/P would hurry this one along I'd be as happy about these sets as any in my collection. The A/V quality is always top notch and there's no worries about syndicated prints or background music score changes.


    6) The Andy Griffith Show - completed and in great condition.

    7) The Dick Van Dyke Show - complete. Image hit a towering home run with these.

    8) The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet - the biggest snag in my Top 10 by far. No season sets. Probably never will be. All I know about the condition of the individual episodes leads me to believe I will never, ever see season sets. I'm not even sure I'll ever get a chance to see any uncut, pristine episodes - period. Sad situation here.


    9) Have Gun, Will Travel - kind of a mixed bag. The first 3 season sets released were not remastered. They are ok to watch, but could have looked much better. Season 4 has been released and I believe Season 5 is coming (in split volumes, of course). I guess I have to take a wait and see approach with this one.


    10) Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - so close to completion. My only real gripe is the double-sided discs that Fox used on this series.

    Several other shows that get honorable mention include Route 66 (a real mixed bag), The Big Valley (stalled), Hawaii Five-O (no big complaints here), The Flintstones (I know, I know - but I still love watching these) and The Wonder Years (never gonna happen).


    As I said, there are many more shows that I'd like to see. I'm not going to start naming them off, but most 50's and 60's shows are on the list. But overall, when I really sit down and think about my all-time favorite shows, I can't complain all that much. As it is, I'd grade my Top 10 Favorite Shows on DVD experience a B -. If only The Fugitive had been done correctly my rating would probably be bumped up to an A -.



    Gary "surpisingly talkative today" O.
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    What's left - short answer:


    Hill St. Blues (and I would double-dip to get all seven seasons)

    NYPD Blue (I'd be less happy about a double-dip, since they made it through four seasons)
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    1) The Brady Bunch - Complete. The quality ranges from great in some scenes to quite poor in others but I am glad to have my favorite show.


    2) Star Trek - Complete. Quality is great and that is just on the standard DVDs. I am sure the Blu Rays are outstanding. I will upgrade at some point down the line


    3) Leave It To Beaver - Complete. Thanks to Shout for an outstanding release, well worth the long wait.


    4) Cheers - Complete. Quality issues arise and music removals are annoying. I can live with it but a missed opportunity.


    5) Lost - Complete. Outstanding releases with hours of extra content.


    6) The Dick Van Dyke Show - Complete. Fantastic quality!


    7) Three's Company - Complete. It is complete but I really want the two spin-offs: The Ropers and Three's A Crowd.


    8) The Wonder Years - No release in sight. They did clear all the music for Freaks and Geeks so I remain hopeful.


    9) The Simpson's - Ongoing releases. I love this show through the 9th season. These have been great with very nice bonus features.


    10) Seinfeld - Complete. Great collection.



    Runners up that are complete or up to their current seasons and I am happy with: Star Trek: The Animated Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Hogan's Heroes, I Love Lucy, I Dream Of Jeannie, Good Times, The Flintstones, Gomer Pyle U.S.M.C., Mission Impossible, Alien Nation, Battlestar Galactica (Both old and new), Babylon 5, Jonny Quest, Freaks and Geeks, The Wild Wild West, Everybody Hates Chris, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Z Rock, Gilligan's Island, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Partridge Family, The Adventures of Superman, That 70s Show


    Shows stalled that I want them to continue are: Amazing Stories, Dream On, Growing Pains (I only want seasons 2 and 3)


    Happy Days has stalled at season 4 but since the first four are all I want, I am pleased. Season 2 has complete music replacement which stinks though.


    So summing up, I am in great shape with what I want. My most wanted show at this point is The Wonder Years and something tells me it will eventually come out with it's music intact. It would also be nice to have WKRP in Cincinnati with all it's music restored but that one I feel will never be released uncut. I just don't think it shares the same place in peoples hearts the way The Wonder Years does.
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    I don't know how you manage to make a top ten list, keeping fairly consistent to boot. Especially, since knowing that you have seen and own more 50's through 60's TV then myself. I've tried several times and just can't limit it to 10. Maybe I could manage a top 5 per genre, say western, comedy, cop/detective/trial, spy/espionage, horror/sci fi, drama (probably missing some). That might get me to a top 30 or 40, but never a top 10. I guess I will have to revisit in say 10 years when I'm 90% through my collection.

    Until then, your list looks pretty good.
  5. Guest

    Route 66 - Incomplete, mixed bag

    The Twilight Zone - Complete and OUTSTANDING quality, blu ray now out too

    The Outer Limits - Complete and acceptable to outstanding quality

    The Untouchables - Incomplete, first release was outstanding quality, since then, so so only

    The X Files - Complete, excellent quality

    Star Trek Deep Space 9 - Complete, horrible quality

    77 Sunset Strip - No release, and likely never will

    Hawaiian Eye - Ditto

    The Rifleman - Incomplete, fair quality only

    Combat - Complete, excellent quality for B&W seasons, fair only on Color Season


    Honorable mention to Have Gun, Will Travel, The Virginian, Battlestar Galactica, Maverick, Cheyenne, The Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, and Night Gallery.
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    Peter Fitzgerald
    1.) THE AVENGERS - Complete (apart from the mainly-lost first season), fairly good transfers for a collection originally released towards the dawn of the DVD format; unfortunately light on extras, though somewhat rectified by the latter-day "Emma Peel Bonus Disc" and now extras-loaded new R2 DVD releases in the UK. If the two Emma Peel seasons are released on Blu-Ray, with the new R2 extras, I'm double-dipping.


    2.) WKRP IN CINCINNATI - Incomplete, limited to just the first season, which is horribly crippled by rampant music replacement. A few good extras, but this is an abomination.


    3.) THE FUGITIVE - Nearing completion. Good transfers, though with Seasons 2 & 3 seriously hampered by music replacement.


    4.) MONTY PYTHON'S FLYING CIRCUS - Complete, with decent transfers.


    5.) THE OUTER LIMITS (Original) - Complete, with reasonably good transfers. Deserved the deluxe treatment, ala The Twilight Zone: Definitive, however.


    6.) THE ADDAMS FAMILY - Complete, apart from an isolated instance or two of music replacement, with reasonably good prints.


    7.) THE WILD WILD WEST - Complete, and in fine form, with some nice extras in the Season 1 set.


    8.) THRILLER (Karloff) - Complete, reportedly decent transfers, and packed with extras, though I'm still waiting for my set to ship, at the time of this writing.


    9.) T.H.E. CAT - Zilch, nada, zero... totally fallen through the cracks... a sorry state of affairs for this unjustly-neglected action/adventure show.


    10.) DRAGNET - Unstalled and half-completed; decent prints, and Shout Factory's extras in Season 2 made up for Universal's lack of same in Season 1.

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    I’ll cheat just a little by naming FIVE… but they will all be from my incomplete / unfulfilled list.


    For the record, I’m extremely pleased with all of the “completed” series I have. More than I ever imagined possible. But, here are my top selections from the remaining “To-Do List”!



    01: VOYAGE TO THE BOTTOM OF THE SEA. Has always been at the top of the list, and it will soon be completed.


    02: THE HUCKLEBERRY HOUND SHOW. We saw a Season One set in 2005, and nothing since. Hard to believe that the best Yogi Bear cartoons are unreleased, but they were in Seasons 2 and 3 of the Huck Show. I don’t even think the coming abomination of a Yogi Movie will get this done. Not with the current management at Warner.


    03: THE QUICK DRAW McGRAW SHOW. Same as the Huckleberry Hound Show… but without even a Season One.


    04: LOST IN SPACE. Yes, it’s been “completed” for years – but everyone agrees that it needs better transfers. At least equal to those of VOYAGE. Aw, why not Blu-ray!


    05: ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS. A true underappreciated classic that deserves completion. How can ANYTHING “Hitchcock” remain unreleased?
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    Originally Posted by smithb


    Gary "one can only hope..." O.
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    1. Star Trek - Complete and on Blu which is a Bonus. Also Blu gives viewer the choice of new or original SFX.

    2. Mission:Impossible - Complete, restored, CBS did an excellent job.


    3. Hogan's Heroes - Complete, great quality, wish they would have had the extended pilot episode that Fox had put out on VHS as a bonus feature.


    4. The Wild Wild West - Complete, like Peter said great extras on Season 1.


    5. The Andy Griffith Show - Complete, with the DVDs Mayberry looks better than ever. Hopefully WB releases Mayberry RFD on DVD one day.


    6. Miami Vice - Complete, good quality, 5.1 surround, never thought that it would be uncut, without music substitutions or even released at all.


    7. Seinfeld -- Complete, Everything great, quality, great extras, Sony hit it out of the park for Seinfeld.


    8. Leave It to Beaver - Complete, Gary says they are in great condition, I haven't got to watch them yet because of watching a backlog of other shows.


    9. The Rockford Files - Complete TV Series, TV Movies Incomplete, Good Quality, Universal missed putting the pilot on the first season but redeemed themselves by getting it on the second season set. First season on double sided discs that have been problematic for many. I hope to get it on single sided discs someday. It seems to be taking a long time to get the rest of the TV movies released.


    10. The Beverly Hillbillies - Incomplete, did not help that MPI released S1 and half of S2 titled The Ultimate Collection Vols 1 and 2 and CBS picked up where MPI left off starting with S2. If you bought the Ultimate Collection Vol 2 you had to buy the first half of Season 2 again to get the second half of S2 though the CBS dvds were much better quality than the MPI sets. Still I wonder how many thought "Season 2, where's Season 1?" when they were shopping for dvds.
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    Thus far it looks like most of us have had at least some success with seeing our favorites released and, in many cases, completed. I'm glad to see that.

    Gary "unless you are a fan of only the more obscure 50's and 60's material, you should be at least semi-happy with what TV on DVD has put out" O.
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    I suppose my list is a mixed bag.


    1) The West Wing. Absolutely epic. show...and 16x9 from early on too. A classic.
    2) STNG. Great release, but the picture quality is not really up to my expectations.

    3) Smallville. Continues to be released in September each season. Even the Std def. discs look fantastic.

    4) Seinfeld. My all time favorite sit com, and a great release. Haven't watched all the extras yet.
    5) WKRP. A crime against humanity. Really needs a complete set, the music...nothing more needed to say.


    6) The fugitive. I watched the A&E broadcasts back in my university days in the early 90's? Bought the first

    two seasons, and am waiting to see what happens now. A complete set would have been the way to go.

    7) LOVEBOAT. I know, I know....but it's a really enjoyable watch, my guilty pleasure. The half season sets,

    and the stalled status is maddening. I'd buy a complete series package in a second.

    8) SM$M/BW Another guilty pleasure from my childhood. Really hoping TimeLife does this right. I bought

    the mexican "el hombre nuclear" for the 3 original movies, and really enjoyed them. Looking forward to watching

    the series in sync with Bionic Woman this winter.

    9) SUPERFRIENDS!. The first 3 incarnations, '73, all new superfriends hour, and the Challenge of the Superfriends

    releases are fantastic! I never thought I'd see the Superfriends Hour in it's original format. Entertaining show.

    I love the format of that show.

    10) The Archie's Series. DVD's are a disaster. These classic shows are butchered into a syndicated chopped up mess.

    The second season "comedy hour" is mostly missing. All the Sabrina and Groovie goolies segments are

    separated from the original Archie bits, spread across two other dvd sets. What a drag. Someday I'll splice it

    back into the right order from my discs, at least the material that's available. Such a waste.


    a few honorable mentions:

    Early Edition. - keep 'em coming!! the first two seasons are fantastic, how about some more, please.

    Lois&Clark. Love this show, great release. I was worried about halfway through they weren't going to make

    it to season 4. The first two seasons of this series are really really great, the last season not so much,

    so it doesn't make my top 10.

    ScoobyDoo. The available material released so far, I guess we have to settle for. Missing shows from "the new movies"

    and the Dynomutt debacle....never going to be fixed. Doubt that the Richie Rich vol. 2 and vol. 3 are ever coming.

    Laff-a-Lympics should have been released as a cartoon block show in a format as close to original as possilbe,

    but that's never going to happen either. Someday i'll source the material to stitch it back together.

    MAGNUM P.I. - Great show, i own the whole set but haven't started watching it yet. Looking forward to getting into it.


    Final thought...

    Watching two series that ran together at the same time, on the same network is a great way to enhance the

    viewing experience, in my opinion. I wonder if any studios will begin to encourage this as DVD sales falter,

    and they look for new ways to hook viewers on their products.

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    William Hughes
    Here's my list of Sets that probably won't make it because of either Corperate Greed (Including Music Rights), PC Reasons or are just considered too Obscure or "Quaint"


    BATMAN - You Know Which Version!
















    TARZAN - (Ron Ely)


  13. younger1968

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    paul young
    Here is my top 10


    1. Batman (The 1966 series)


    2. WKRP (S2-S4)


    3. SWAT (S2)


    4. Third Watch (S3-S6)


    5. The Green Hornet (1960s series)


    6. The Hogan Family


    7. Logan's Run TV Series


    8. Growing Pains


    9. Family Ties


    10. Hart to Hart.


    I have some cartoons that i like to see released, but, i have listed them under another thread.
  14. Theodore J. Mooney

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    This is NOT my all-time favorite list but it is ...

    .... MY TOP 10 FAVORITES LIST as of 9/4/10:


    1. "THE LUCY SHOW" - Incomplete. The first two seasons are officially out on DVD and yes they are excellent! Uncut and restored episodes, Lucille Ball special, cast biographies, Lucie Arnaz/Jimmy Garrett/Carol Cook interviews, cast commercials, ect.! I can't wait for season 3 ... I am crossing my fingers that this season gets released, at least, by December. I would love to own the entire series on DVD someday (through official releases) - it is a DEFINITE MUST for me.


    2. "THE GOLDEN GIRLS" & "BEWITCHED" (tie) - Complete. Quite satisfied with the DVDs. I do hope TGG spin-off, The Golden Palace, gets released on DVD soon. One thing that annoys me about the Bewitched DVDs: in the later seasons of the show just before the beginning of the opening credits, there is a spanish intro with a group of women talking in their native langauge. I have no idea why they put that in there but I see it as just a waste of my time. Besides, as far as I can tell - it has NOTHING to do with Bewitched.


    4. "GREEN ACRES" - Incomplete. The first three seasons are out on DVD. Some episodes are grainy but still watchable. It has been almost five years since season 3 was released. However, I did get the remaining seasons through other means after years of waiting. Anyhow, it is way overdue time for Fox/MGM to get on the ball and get what they started finished. If they can't then, at least, have another company like Shout! Factory finish it.


    5. "MISTER ED" - Incomplete. Seasons 1 through 3 are on DVD. I am not crazy about season 1 release since it consists of mostly edited episodes. Anyways, I can't wait to get the remaining seasons on DVD. But I am beginning to get worried about future releases of the show. Season 3 was released in June 2010 and season 4 should be out in October but I don't think that is going to happen. I haven't heard anything not even a peep about season 4. On top of that, another Shout! Factory classic, Rhoda, had its third season released in July and already season 4 for that series has been announced for a DVD release. Why Rhoda and not Mister Ed too?


    6. "I LOVE LUCY" - Complete, all SIX seasons. The DVDs are a treasure trove ... I couldn't be any happier. I am thrilled that CBS/Paramount released the follow-up show, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour, on DVD. Annoying feature on season 1 DVD set: the subtitle is automatically set on spanish. So everytime you go to watch an episode from season 1 you get a spanish subtitle at the bottom of the screen.

    7. "HAPPY DAYS" & "LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY" (tie) - Incomplete. I am satisfied with the DVDs I have of both shows; however, I didn't get season 2 of HD because of the reviews of it. I recently got seasons 2 and 5 through 7 of HD and the rest of L&S through other means. I would love to see the remaining seasons of HD, L&S, and GA be released on DVD.


    9. "I DREAM OF JEANNIE" - Complete. The DVDs are good to have if you like the show. One bad feature of the DVDs: some of the episodes are edited.


    10. "THE BRADY BUNCH" - Complete. Love this show. I am satisfied with the DVDs. I would love to see The Brady Brides be put out on DVD. I enjoyed that series equally as the original.




  15. ChrisCook

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    1) MacGyver - Complete and happy to finally have all seven seasons and the TV movies without purchasing the complete series set.


    2) Star Trek: The Next Generation - Completed as of 2008. The Complete First Season was the very first TV-on-DVD I purchased in 2002.


    3) Early Edition - Halfway complete, great A/V quality, music is intact and for the most part, as originally broadcast (sans the Columbia TriStar Television logo in the end credits). I hope the final two seasons will continue to get similar treatment and the Rod Serling ending to the second season episode "Hot Time in the Old Town" will finally be included.


    4) October Road - Complete, excellent A/V quality and menus, music is intact, and the last two produced episodes are properly presented on DVD (unlike original broadcast which ABC aired back-to-back as the "two-hour season finale"). The most picturesque and accurate portrayal of small-town New England you'll ever find on television. Critics and most viewers simply "didn't get it".


    5) Roswell - Haven't purchased due to music replacement. Despite the involvement of Jason Katims, it remains a "pipe dream" for a re-release with all of the original broadcast music from either Fox or Shout.


    6) Road to Avonlea - The first two seasons have been remastered and the opening credits has been restored, but with very poor packaging design, and there is cropping due to the widescreen frame. In fact, new episode title cards had to be created as the old ones didn't fit. Still missing regrettably is the additional footage shown on the Disney Channel which they don't have access to. I've read they are working on remastering the remaining five seasons for release by the end of this year. I hope they'll change the way the discs are housed. All and all, this is an improvement over the prior releases.


    7) Due South - Disappointing and often times frustrating A/V quality on Alliance's Season 1 release, syndicated cuts, double-sided discs (which I've read switched to single sided starting with Season 3), poor packaging (which I've read improved with Season 3), and lack of extras including the absence of "32 Down on the Robert Mackenzie" music video (say for the commentary with Paul Gross on "Call of the Wild" on The Final Season). But unlike most, should be applauded for taking their time to secure all of the original music plus the pilot telefilm (which I also read they didn't own the rights to and which is why it is included as a bonus on Season 3). Incomplete, but I hope a future re-release will be remastered, the episodes will be unedited, include "32 Down", additional commentaries along with Paul's previously recorded audio commentary for the series finale, and any archival footage from CTV.


    8) Lost - Complete on Blu-ray and Gord's trip to Hawaii coverage/review of the complete first season DVD five years ago further my excitement for this release. Six seasons sets later, with the first three also purchased on DVD with their Best Buy/Walmart exclusive discs, Disney pulled out all the stops on this one.


    9) The X-Files - This is one all-time favorite, at least the first three seasons, I have yet to purchase, except for the pilot episode and "Deep Throat" on VHS, a few Season 2 episodes recorded originally from Fox, and the out-of-print, non-anamorphic DVD and Blu-ray of The X-Files: Fight the Future. I know the Collector's Edition has been long OOP and the repackaged slim-down releases are missing some of the previous extras. While I remember reading there is no music replacement, can anyone confirm if the older releases retain the "Previously on 'The X-Files'" recaps?


    10) Sherlock Holmes (Granada) - MPI has done a remarkable job remastering the series and a nicely presented complete series set worthy of the price.


    Also worth mentioning are Nowhere Man (an impressive 9-disc set from Image that exceeded my expectations), Sports Night (excellent re-release and my first holy grail courtesy of Shout Factory), Life on Mars (another excellent treatment from Disney, music is also intact, and "The Dark Side of the Mook" is properly placed after "The Man Who Sold the World"; only thing missing I would ask for is a upgrade to Blu-ray), Monk (for Universal finally providing commentaries and bit more in the "extras department" starting with Season 5, also including "Monk, P.I." and both B&W and color broadcast versions of "Mr. Monk and the Leper"), Psych (for great consistency and enjoyable extras, as well as not replacing the music, only thing missing I could ask is a simultaneously Blu-ray release), Numb3rs (The Complete First Season is the only one I have that has music replacement of any sorts as the original theme, "Once in a Lifetime" by the Talking Heads was too cost prohibitive for CBS/Paramount to secure on all thirteen episodes at the time, so they kept it on the pilot and replaced the rest with the Season 2 theme that was written specifically for the show; in retrospect, it could have been a lot worse; also enjoyed the commentaries and other extras provided so only thing left I like to see is a Blu-ray release and the first season theme restored on all the mid-season episodes) and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (well-put together BBC/Warner release for arguably the best miniseries, British or otherwise, IMO).


    I'll add the rest of my all-time favorites that didn't or couldn't make my top 10 favorites list at a later date.
  16. TravisR

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    The basement of the FBI building

    Like most (if not all) Fox TV DVDs of that era, the Previously Ons for The X-Files are dropped from nearly every episode that originally had one. I wouldn't let that negatively effect your decision to purchase those sets though.
  17. derosa

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    How could I forget this show, and it's really great dialogue!

    I need to revise my list.
  18. Nicholas Martin

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    My two all-time favorite shows, "ANGEL" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" are complete in my collection.


    DS9 - got the 'complete series' set, which was all the individual releases sitting inside a green paper tray. Seasons 1, 2 and around half of 3 being the exception, the remainder of the series looks pretty good upscaled or on a conventional CRT television. Extras are okay but don't scratch the surface much. Since the 5.1 audio (it was a big advertised feature on the packaging) isn't a truly discrete but more of an upmix, it doesn't matter to me one way or another. The shows do sound great - very lively, but whether it's me turning on Pro Logic or playing the 5.1, there's not much difference in that sense.

    ANGEL - I despise the fact that the 'previously on' recaps are gone, excepting of course the final season set. I got each set as they originally came out, in those fat digipaks, not any of the subsequent smaller, thinner, probably all-around better repackages. Season 1 is on par with the season 3 and 4 Buffy sets, while seasons 2 to 5 are fantastic. Personally the image was a huge revelation on the seasons 3 and 4 sets because the original broadcasts were very difficult to see. They were just muddy and dim and betrayed the actual look and clarity of the image. The DVDs revealed a lot I hadn't actually seen before because of that. Sound is pretty decent upmixed with Pro Logic, but there's a lot of clipping in the dialogue. Extras are not very deep, but nice enough.


    Other favorite shows of mine are:


    "The O.C", of which I have the complete series set (which is entirely widescreen) and I enjoyed it completely from beginning to end. I didn't even have any dislike for Marissa, unlike most.


    "Everwood", which I haven't watched because I'm waiting until later this month to begin. I've had season 1 unwatched for three years, and picked up seasons 2 and 3 this summer when they were more affordable. It's a "fall" show for me, so I'm waiting until fall to watch it, setting the right atmosphere.


    "Ugly Betty", again unwatched but this time because I only had season 1, and just got seasons 2 and 3 and will get the final season soon. I didn't want to go back while it was still airing.


    "Seinfeld" - I have seasons 1 to 3, and will slowly get the remaining seasons since they're so affordable now.


    "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" - I don't have every season on DVD, but rather a combination of DVD and digital downloads.


    "Firefly" - well that's too easy since it was one set. Ditched the DVD after getting the Blu-ray set, so it's nice to have the full story - series and film - in HD.


    I do have other shows I've considered to be favorites, but they're either not feasible (for me) to get, or they're not the most re-watchable.
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    paul young
    My top 10 (ex cartoons)


    1. Star Trek (The Original Series) - I have completed S1-S3 along with re-mastered season)


    2. Adam-12 (S1-5)


    3. Hawaii Five-O (S1-9)


    4. Starsky and Hutch (Completed)


    5. Star Trek Enterprise (S1, S2, S4) I like to buy S3, but, they still want too much money for it


    6. Dallas (S1-13)


    7. Emergency (S1-S6) Just missing the movies


    8. Married with Children (S1-11)


    9. Magnum PI (S1-8)


    10. Rockford Files (S1-6)


    I have a few more, but, those are my all time list.

  20. younger1968

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    paul young
    Here is my top 10 cartoons


    1. Speed Buggy


    2. Scooby-doo


    3. Return of the planet of the Apes


    4. Star Trek the animated series


    5. Herculoids


    6. Jonny Quest


    7. New Adventures of Batman and Robin (1968 and 1978 series)


    8. Jabberjaw


    9. Land of the Lost


    10. Shazam.


    Of my list there is around 5 have not been released as complete series.

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