You, Me and Dupree

Discussion in 'Movies' started by Dave Hackman, Jul 19, 2006.

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    Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon and Kate Hudson star along with Michael Douglas in this comedy about a not so young man who is waiting on the mother ship to send him his life mission.

    Carl Peterson (Matt Dillon) awaits his best man Randy Dupree (Owen Wilson) to fly in for his wedding. Dupree performs his honorable duties and decides to stay in town for a while since he recently lost his job. With nowhere to stay and no money, Carl invites Dupree to stay with him and his wife (Kate Hudson). A day turns into a week and Dupree starts taking over the house to the point where both just need him to go.

    Carl not only has issues at home with Dupree but at work also. His wife’s father (Michael Douglas) is his boss and he is doing everything he can to limit the damage this marriage will have on his daughter.

    I thought this movie was average at best. It was good enough to sit through and slightly enjoy but not enough to see again anytime soon. It’s a safe choice that doesn’t inspire or upset.

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    I laughed to tears at some spots, but when I walked out of the theater the movie didn't really follow me out, either.

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