You Bet Your Life - Best episodes another great release!!!

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Steve_Smith, Jul 27, 2004.

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    Shout! factory gets high marks (or is that marx [​IMG] ) on another great release of You Bet Your Life. It really is a shining light in the world of TV-On-DVD releases to see this black and white, mostly from the 50's, never on TV anymore, show get not only one really great volume of shows with lots of extras, but now in my hands I hold the second release with the same care that was put into the first one [​IMG]

    Hey, I would never try to do a amateur review with such great reviewers already here at HTF [​IMG] but I will say that the case is same layout as the first with a new booklet also included and new pictures on the inner fold-outs.

    Shout! keep up the great work and I hope that a third volume can become a reality!!!!! (yes I know this sounds like a Shout! love fest but good quality shows [​IMG] )
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    Agreed. I watched the first disc, and am working on a review for right now. It's a great transfer, and I'm surprised how good it looks, considering the age and nature of the material. And the surprise appearance of Candice Bergen in the first episode is golden!
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    Has there been any news on anymore "You Bet Your Life" sets?


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