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Yoko Ono on Conan (1 Viewer)


Second Unit
Jan 11, 2001
Did anyone catch this Friday night? She has got to be about the weirdest person Conan has ever interviewed. Well, I guess that's what drugs will do to you.

Conan was polite and just went along with her strangeness. I was left wondering, what was the point of them getting in that bag and taking off various articles of clothing?


Scott L

Senior HTF Member
Feb 29, 2000
Copied from alt.fan.conan-obrien:

Back when she was an Avante Guarde artist busy breaking up The Beatles, one of her trademark bits of "performance art" was to just get into a bag or sack on stage and stay there. She did this several times in public appearances with John, if you rent The Rolling Stones' Rock And Roll Circus, John Lennon appears with a pickup band including Eric Clapton and I think Keith Richards, and after they do a blistering version of "Yer Blues" from The White Album, Yoko suddenly climbs out of a bag that had been laying on the stage the whole time and they launch into one of her, uh..., "improvisational" pieces. The most common reaction all this back then was pretty much identical to your reaction now.
She's a weirdo, why is she even on talk shows anymore?

Jack Briggs

Senior HTF Member
Jun 3, 1999
It was my pleasure to interview Yoko in 1993, and I thought she was a thoroughly classy woman. She is a nice person, and, being a conceptual/performance artist, she is eccentric. The current world looks less favorably on the eccentric than in times past.

Darrel McBane

Second Unit
Oct 8, 1999
I don't think the "times" have anything to do with Yokos acceptance.

She has definitely rode Johns coattail far too long. Just take his money and stay out of sight...please!


Jan 14, 2000
Yep, Terrance. I was waiting to comment until I saw the piece.

First, the piece on Conan did what it was supposed to do. It was, "Hey, you're really weird. Prove it." And she did. It was funny, and though I like Conan, it would have been better if he didn't try to interject a punchline every two seconds for fear of losing the audience. The bigger laugh would have been if he'd just let the weirdness simmer.

Her work is in an unfortunate place-it's firmly in the mainstream's view, but most of it is clearly not mainstream.

I'm not a huge Yoko fan (just not that familiar with a lot of her stuff), but I hate to see someone bashed that's just trying to be different. She's generally considered successful for what she's trying to do. It's not The Beatles. It's not (most) of John's stuff. It's her own work.

Give me Yoko's oddities over the bland trite that's at the top any day.

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